16th March 1999 Archive

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  • CeBIT 98 bites peregrinator hard

    Diary of days dazes a staffer

    Business 16 08:27

  • Semi market in Jan slightly up

    Growth in Europe, Asia Pacific offset by drop in Americas, Japan

    Business 16 08:41

  • Brussels putsch leaves IT policy in limbo

    And Karel, our grumpy competition commissioner, seems to have been named - wonder why?

    Business 16 09:06

  • Nortel's HP, MS and Intel alliance short on detail

    Still no slideware? Talk about Digital Nervous Systems for a bit then, Bill

    Business 16 09:08

  • ‘I read all my email’ – shock Gates admission

    Bill forgets forgetting last year, and stiffs himself with responsibility for everything, apparently

    Business 16 09:39

  • AMD tight-lipped about chip futures

    Capacity needed to best Gorgonzilla

    Business 16 09:46

  • Finding your Pentium II PSN could be a tricky biz

    Chip designer says it needs fancy footwork

    Business 16 09:56

  • US states mooting $10 billion plus fines for MS

    Bill Gates says he'll give all his money away. Here's his chance...

    Business 16 10:19

  • Xeon III prices out…

    It's all change but not small change

    Business 16 11:17

  • Nvidia launches Riva TNT2 to blow 3Dfx out of water

    Hot chip brings in the plaudits

    Business 16 11:28

  • BSA goes gunning for pirates in ’99

    Latest campaign targets small businesses

    Business 16 11:38

  • Apple trails Linux connection for MacOS X

    But will the open source world come over all Rhapsodic?

    Business 16 11:41

  • Great Stan of resellers shows off its financials

    Another stonking year for Computacenter – it’ll be trebles all round at Babooshka tonight

    Business 16 12:52

  • ORB Agency pushes into objects

    Making money out of CORBA? Whatever next?

    Business 16 14:16

  • Watch out for strange containers…


    Business 16 14:23

  • Currency set up to aid the take-up of ecommerce

    Beenz, beenz, they’re good for your heart… the more you spend the more you f,f,f… fend off hyperinflation

    Business 16 16:06

  • Phone exchanges blamed for failing Web connections

    ISPs and telcos slug it out in mud-slinging battle

    Business 16 16:16

  • UK body slams Cyrix/IBM for clock speed adverts

    When is 300MHz really 225MHz?

    Business 16 16:22

  • Merced dead, says Sun

    They would say that, but they say HP thinks it too. Oh and the UltraSparc III is a bit late

    Business 16 16:34

  • New version of Windows 98 due in Q2?

    Forget convergence on the NT code base - Windows 9x, the Sinatra of operating systems, ain't retiring

    Business 16 16:52

  • IBM ready to goose-step its way into CeBIT

    I was born in Dusseldorf and that is why they call me Rolf...

    Business 16 17:20