15th March 1999 Archive

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  • MS, HP, Intel and Nortel to forge telecoms alliance

    That old voice and data convergence thang, it would appear

    Business 15 09:28

  • MS reorg – Gates burnt out, so spin him off?

    Zillionaire prima donnas restrict Ballmer's choices, and nobody wants consumer, the corporate Black Spot...

    Business 15 09:30

  • Fujitsu, NEC fuel Japan Linux take-off

    Launching new Linux systems for ISPs and businesses

    Business 15 10:13

  • Unique serial number exists in all 25 micron Intel chips

    Celerons, PIIs and Xeons as well, now Intel responds

    Business 15 11:45

  • Poorest households to get IT access

    Government to back £5 per month PC ownership scheme

    Business 15 12:12

  • UK government urged to tackle mobile charges

    Phone companies accused of ripping off customers

    Business 15 12:21

  • Compaq to announce 4-way PIII Xeons at CeBIT

    And outline their 8-way Sabers with tweaks

    Business 15 12:25

  • Hyundai spins off ChipPAC to US consortium for $550 million

    It's all to do with the LG Semi merger

    Business 15 12:48

  • Deutsche Telekom is running a peep-show, says AOL

    Court rules it’s time to stop charging per minute

    Business 15 13:13

  • ilion sells off huge slice of German operation

    Rethinking its plans to pull out of Germany after all?

    Business 15 13:20

  • Clockwork computer power planned for next year

    South African outfit to license $50 wind-up device

    Business 15 15:03

  • Intel meets re-marking pall on road to Damascus

    Suddenly, overclocking and re-marking is the RAGE

    Business 15 15:46

  • Class action lawsuit hits CHS

    Distributor accused of falsifying accounts

    Business 15 16:22

  • Telecomms disruption looms for UK businesses

    Time is running out for phone changes

    Business 15 17:38

  • Compaq hit by class action

    There's a lot of it about - must be that time of year

    Business 15 18:19

  • Vanderbilts generator meets Lennox the Linux in mad draw

    In boxing matches, things fly, of course

    Business 15 21:08

  • Chipzilla becomes Gorgonzilla

    It's big, it's cheesy and it's a Gorgon...

    Business 15 23:56