12th March 1999 Archive

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  • Intel did not damage employee's psyche

    Kourosh Hamidi loses Californian appeal

    Business 12 08:12

  • Too late for MacOS X Server?

    Linux threatens NT, but it could also hinder Apple's server OS -- unles they work together...

    Business 12 08:15

  • Cyrix goes 370 pin

    Happy Cat scratches Cyrixzilla

    Business 12 08:29

  • Cyrix to go 370-pin in April?

    Happy Cat scratches Cyrixzilla

    Business 12 08:29

  • NatSemi has lots of fabs but sells few x86 chips

    Only real men have fabs but so what?

    Business 12 08:44

  • Microsoft caught with pants down over hardware IDs

    After the brouhaha, we take a closer look at MS' privacy crises

    Business 12 10:36

  • iMac sales return to launch peak

    Apple takes of advantage of pre-PIII Wintel slowdown

    Business 12 11:29

  • Iomega recalls 60,000 Jaz PSUs

    All drives shipped since 1 September 1998 may be affected

    Business 12 11:45

  • Intel stealth-shipping Coppermine in Dixon guise?

    Evidence emerges that serial number "bug" in PII could be a feature

    Business 12 11:54

  • Microsoft to split into four next week

    Speculation over the Baby Bill carve-up grows apace

    Business 12 12:06

  • Microsoft readies MP3-killer digital music format

    MS format offers better audio quality, twice the compression

    Business 12 12:20

  • Motorola legals Intel

    Phonezilla takes on Chipzilla over PowerPC trade secrets

    Business 12 12:31

  • Sun strikes back at Compaq Wildfire claims

    Performance not the issue -- but is UltraSparc III late?

    Business 12 12:52

  • MS takes $400m hit to cover Office 2000 delay

    Shifts upgrade income from Q3 to Q4

    Business 12 13:10

  • Senator tries to axe DoJ Microsoft trial funding

    Trial just a cover for Al Gore's election campaign, claims Gorton

    Business 12 13:17

  • AMD hit with class action

    Suit alleges chip maker over-inflated K6 sales projections

    Business 12 13:21

  • MS planning Win 98 follow-up?

    As Win2k is u/s for the consumer market, we figure a quick and dirty revenue-generating 9x rev

    Business 12 13:52

  • CompUSA bans obscene IT publication

    Magazine advocates buying fewer PCs -- and it got banned by a PC reseller? No way!

    Business 12 13:52

  • Paedophile priest on trial in US

    Stands accused of being part of Web porn ring

    Business 12 13:56

  • End of the line for Apricot UK

    Mitsubishi cans PC sales and development

    Business 12 15:35

  • Latin American telecomms firm falls for BT

    Hey muchacos, ay carumba and lots of other Latino clichés

    Business 12 15:48

  • Pentium II Xeons have serial number too

    This is proliferation of the PSN, big time

    Business 12 16:01

  • Gelsinger “brains” behind shipping chips with PSN on

    We're glad we didn't ask "Kicking Pat" the obvious question

    Business 12 16:13

  • Ericsson unveils Symbian-based palmtop

    First computer using Symbian technology boosts Psion

    Business 12 16:49

  • Software Stan denies falling demand in PC market

    Slowdown, what slowdown

    Business 12 17:15

  • Third fighter joins FireWire, USB 2.0 fray

    Why choose 1394 or USB when 1355's better than both?

    Business 12 17:51

  • Class war breaks out in virtual middle England

    Rival schools from either side of the tracks at centre of flaming row

    Business 12 18:56