11th March 1999 Archive

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  • How Novell (finally) got it right with NDS

    Our Graham charts Eric Schmidt's attempt to revive the NetWare company

    Business 11 11:39

  • Gateway takes latest Western Digital drives

    Move signals change of direction for WD -- but is it WD's forte?

    Business 11 12:30

  • 3Com, MS form home networking product alliance

    Network kits to push Universal Plug and Play, and Home Phone Networking Alliance

    Business 11 12:40

  • Anti-spam campaign gathers momentum

    Send an unsolicited email to everyone you know telling them to sign up now...

    Business 11 12:44

  • Intel, MS, Nortel, HP to unify Net technologies

    Alliance to be announced next week

    Business 11 13:10

  • Y2k bug to blight the countryside

    Farmers told to take action or else, ooh aar

    Business 11 13:34

  • Sun to build XML support into Java

    Move to ensure Java is de facto standard for e-commerce app development

    Business 11 13:42

  • Microsoft lawyer memo ‘leaked’

    Intended for wider consumption, our Graham reckons

    Business 11 13:53

  • Cont. Microsoft lawyer memo ‘leaked’


    Business 11 14:01

  • Cont. Microsoft lawyer memo leaked


    Business 11 14:08

  • UK Web users won’t reap benefit of OFTEL decision on call charges

    The Register gives its view of watchdog's ruling

    Business 11 14:11

  • Laugh along with the MS Spellchecker


    Business 11 14:21

  • FreeServe MD catches some powder, man


    Business 11 14:27

  • AMD takes Fujitsu foundry route

    K6-III/450s delayed until June, if you're lucky

    Business 11 15:21

  • Each Merced pin to cost nearly eight bucks

    Close analysis based on $3,000 a chip

    Business 11 15:27

  • MP3, SDMI toast, claims Broadcast.com exec

    We'll all be using Net-based broadcast-on-demand services instead, apparently

    Business 11 16:35

  • Psion Dacom restructures business model

    98 was good but DSPs are detrimental

    Business 11 17:05

  • Intel: S3 had us by the goolies

    But it didn't press hard enough

    Business 11 17:08

  • Ingram Micro slashes workforce

    US to take biggest hit

    Business 11 17:39

  • Unique ID codes on mobile PIIs no accident

    Register reader takes on Chipzilla

    Business 11 17:45

  • Memo – web browser distribution


    Business 11 18:24

  • Microsoft Memo – - unlawful tying

    Unlawful Tying

    Business 11 18:33

  • Some Microsoft Memoes are longer than others

    Exclusionary Contracts

    Business 11 18:48

  • Memo – - the finale

    Heiner's conclusion

    Business 11 19:09

  • Vendors claim The Register loses sense of humour

    Becoming a bit like SpliffNet, they say

    Business 11 23:22