10th March 1999 Archive

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  • Intel roadmap reveals plans up to Y2K

    Wide-ranging plans include 1.2GHz IA-32 processor

    Business 10 07:35

  • HP takes risc on PA plans

    8600 arrives sooner as Alpha threat mounts

    Business 10 07:48

  • Compaq workstation prog in chaos

    Reports say x86 and Alpha products "brown bread"

    Business 10 07:54

  • The issues Intel sidesteps with its FTC deal

    There's quite a lot of muck we won't be reading -- this time around, anyway...

    Business 10 09:44

  • IBM gives Linux drivers helping hand

    It needs it, apparently

    Business 10 11:19

  • Big Blue schizzy over AIX and Linux

    All the boats are rising -- what can this mean?

    Business 10 11:29

  • Free ISPs safe from UK watchdog

    No changes to call charge structures

    Business 10 11:34

  • US halts “dumping” of Japanese supercomputers

    Sales to .gov agencies halted

    Business 10 12:18

  • UK start-up to take surplus stock out of channel

    Will keep channels clean by targeting overseas markets

    Business 10 12:55

  • S3 takes time to check The Register out

    Reveals roadmap for next year

    Business 10 14:30

  • Seagate counts cost of closing Scottish factory

    Claims it won't be hurt by Dell/IBM deal

    Business 10 16:25

  • Corel signs Cygnus to simplify Windows-to-Linux ports

    Follows Intel's patronage of Linux development tools developer

    Business 10 17:08

  • Linux community demurs over Big Blue statements

    It is an SMP system...

    Business 10 17:13

  • Silicon Graphics looks to MIPS to cover Merced delays

    Workstation vendors prepares three new generations of R12000 in case Intel is late

    Business 10 17:41

  • Dixon Intel mobile PIIs have serial numbers – it's a bug, official

    It's a manufacturing erratum, not a bug, Intel insists

    Business 10 17:46