9th March 1999 Archive

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  • AMD comes a cropper on chip yields

    Jobs will be axed as loss predicted

    Business 09 08:29

  • Bill consults agony aunt

    Has problem with new suit

    Business 09 09:15

  • Intel, itself, warns PIII ID number not secure

    So why is Chipzilla bothering?

    Business 09 09:23

  • K6-III drought continues – but not in Japan

    Why launch something if you can't supply it?

    Business 09 10:45

  • Cyrix gets knickers in a twist over pix

    Rant follows as Cyrix Japan pulls pix down

    Business 09 11:03

  • Free Web access every weekend

    But last night's trial is slammed by disgruntled users

    Business 09 11:08

  • Apple, HP US retail sales surge

    Both vendors' sales grow well above industry average. Compaq didn't though

    Business 09 11:09

  • MS gains entry to Hong Kong ATM network

    But there's probably more prestige than revenue to the deal

    Business 09 11:23

  • Double discounts on new Gates book

    This is the sort of thing that happens when you don't have a monopoly...

    Business 09 11:26

  • Debian 2.1 open source OS released

    Versions now available for Alpha, Sparc, 68k and x86

    Business 09 11:31

  • EU complains to WTO over Korean trade

    Dispute not about bananas

    Business 09 11:45

  • Intel sidesteps FTC probe

    Intergraph will be harder to avoid

    Business 09 11:55

  • Receivers sued by slightly miffed creditor

    Dispute over retention of title after BasCrown took a fall

    Business 09 12:29

  • Encryption is not a loaded gun, UK gov't told

    It's time to stop obsessing about crime and free up the Web

    Business 09 12:46

  • Lycos/USA Networks deal hits more stormy weather

    Don't know why, there's no sun up in the sky….

    Business 09 12:57

  • Intergraph to pursue Intel to bitter end

    Meadlock won't give up

    Business 09 14:07

  • Raise for Pfeiffer makes hair stand on end

    Return on investment means better haircut, probably

    Business 09 14:17

  • Journalist guilty in kiddie porn case

    Judge rules out claim that he was just doing his research

    Business 09 14:25

  • OFTEL to rule on unmetered UK calls

    Report expected tomorrow

    Business 09 16:05

  • Dawes open for Cellnet

    Mobile phone giant snaps up last of the big UK independents

    Business 09 16:20

  • LineOne admits it's going free – at last

    My old man said follow the bandwagon and don't dilly dally on the way

    Business 09 16:58

  • MS may cut a deal to avoid antitrust break-up

    But if it does, that's a big camel it has to swallow...

    Business 09 17:15

  • Year 2000 bug-busters bust up in UK brouhaha

    Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough

    Business 09 17:45

  • Permanent free Web access plan unveiled

    X-Stream in bullish mood after UK trial

    Business 09 18:05

  • More big names invest in Red Hat

    Linux distributor adds IBM, Compaq and Novell to growing list of backers

    Business 09 18:47

  • S3 to power Intel PC-on-a-chip's 3D graphics

    Meanwhile, Savage4 gains many more supporters

    Business 09 18:53

  • Intel takes stake in Sitara

    More investment in Internet technology

    Business 09 19:27