8th March 1999 Archive

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  • AMD uses IBM Micro as back stop foundry

    Second sourcing could spell further trouble

    Business 08 08:01

  • Windows ID numbers – how they work

    The strange tale of the bug Microsoft has been calling a useful feature...

    Business 08 08:49

  • Intel-FTC battle starts tomorrow

    But Tweedledum's rattle unlikely to be confiscated

    Business 08 10:32

  • Accounting for Sage's move on Tetra

    It ain't over 'til the fat accountant sings

    Business 08 10:53

  • Team Register mourns another shock departure from DTI


    Business 08 11:40

  • Creative finally comes clean on MP3 player

    Nomad due in June with full Web content support

    Business 08 11:54

  • Hayes sells family silver to get out of trouble

    Modem giant finds taker for European business

    Business 08 11:58

  • Compaq details Wildfire attack on Sun

    Three OS to run on one Alpha box

    Business 08 12:13

  • Lexon accused of misleading customers

    Assembler says it's not doing anything different from anyone else

    Business 08 12:35

  • Novell to vastly scale its NDS

    Leap frogs Microsoft's Active Directory

    Business 08 13:15

  • x.86 has big future after Pentium III

    Group of MPU architects outline plans

    Business 08 13:36

  • UK unveils proposed crypto law

    Key escrow no longer mandatory

    Business 08 13:37

  • Hard core multiple Cyrix chips found in cyberspace

    Now we're deluged with pix of new products.

    Business 08 14:01

  • Cyber gambler takes credit card company to court

    She, meanwhile, has been taken to the cleaners

    Business 08 15:00

  • FBI warns of cost of hacking

    This could be a case for Mulder & Scully...

    Business 08 15:05

  • Keane cuts jobs in Birmingham

    But claims to be still in growth phase

    Business 08 15:38

  • Misys sells TIS Software in MBO

    TIS MD leads the way - Lusty by name, etc…

    Business 08 16:06

  • Intel case called off – as predicted here

    But a degree of consent is required

    Business 08 16:07

  • Compaq, Dell take VIA on board

    But Intel is not quietly going into the night

    Business 08 16:31

  • Intel-FTC deal leaves Intergraph to square – $$$ needed?

    The FTC might be happy, but Intergraph wants massive damages. Solution - buy it?

    Business 08 16:48

  • We are no geeks, say IT users

    Survey reveals they're really rough outdoors types - no really

    Business 08 17:00

  • MP3.com to launch IPO

    Best-known MP3 merchant to seek funding for further expansion

    Business 08 17:07

  • Novell goes for gold with $2,995 fee for Platinum Vars

    Scheme rolled out in US following European trial

    Business 08 17:26

  • MS to spend $15 million buying into online music market

    Stake in Reciprocal to strengthen digital music delivery offerings

    Business 08 17:33