7th March 1999 Archive

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  • Banana trade war threatens software sector

    UK politician warns

    Business 07 11:38

  • Hands off our bananas

    On networking hardware, Cuban sanctions and...

    Business 07 11:45

  • 1394 Trade Association replies to Intel Firewire snub

    USB 2.0 only good for PC-centric peripherals, chairman claims

    Business 07 12:25

  • IA-64 Architecture Innovations

    Merced Track 2

    Business 07 12:34

  • Microsoft outlines Win64 futures

    But they'd better sort out beta three first

    Business 07 13:18

  • MS ID number system could track all Windows users

    Redmond knows all about you - but it's not going to abuse the data, honest...

    Business 07 16:17

  • Intel UK compares PIII serial number to car licence plate

    First car fatalities in UK make Chipzilla look highly insensitive

    Business 07 16:17

  • Iridium losing some molecules

    Has atomic element 77, so where are the missing sats?

    Business 07 16:36

  • Materials go missing twixt desert and Harrow

    Where's BOM?

    Business 07 16:57

  • Dixons cleared of overcharging

    No evidence of anti-competitive practices, says Sunday Times

    Business 07 20:53