5th March 1999 Archive

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  • Split MS into four companies, says leaked report

    Is the whole of the software industry out to get Microsoft, or just 60 of them?

    Business 05 07:56

  • A year ago: x86 to disappear with IA-64?

    It ain't necessarily so...

    Business 05 08:49

  • Intel buys Level One for $2.2 billion

    Stocks and shares exchange hands if US .gov agrees

    Business 05 09:35

  • Update: Olivetti MBO is confirmed

    But channel still complains of stock shortages

    Business 05 10:50

  • Intel puts legal screws on Ugeek

    Chipzilla's legal department trundles into inappropriate action -- again

    Business 05 11:09

  • Merced. Steel, or platinum film on copper?

    Chemist sends us his conclusions

    Business 05 11:20

  • Lycos hit by class action

    USA Networks deal under shareholders' microscope

    Business 05 11:40

  • High-end Alpha spreads like Wildfire

    16-CPU EV67 will rattle Intel's cage

    Business 05 12:21

  • Siemens sets sights on US networking market

    3Com to offload telecomms division?

    Business 05 12:33

  • UK to drop key escrow from crypto rules

    But only maybe -- opponents have to find an alternative first

    Business 05 12:38

  • Woman kills herself after online lover proves untrue

    Man involved dubbed "inhumane" -- Police find no evidence of foul play

    Business 05 13:03

  • Charity begins on the Web

    UK charities given free access service

    Business 05 13:09

  • Sony, Tosh team up to produce PlayStation 2 processor

    Joint-venture formed to avoid Sega/NEC-style production problems

    Business 05 13:31

  • Nintendo N64 emulator programmer quits

    RealityMan folds over legal threats, illegal ROM peddlers

    Business 05 14:12

  • Pop star sues Web sites

    But you'll have to guess who it is -- if we Prints his name (geddit!?!) we could get sued too

    Business 05 15:42

  • VIP moves into cyberspace

    Retains core wholesale business

    Business 05 15:45

  • Compel is a good buy, says broker

    Info'Products deal will add critical mass

    Business 05 17:01

  • UK Web use doubles year-on-year

    NOP survey points to Freeserve as major factor in growth

    Business 05 18:06

  • Forecast: A preview of Merced, software-wise

    Palm Spring's events brought into profile

    Business 05 18:29

  • Matrox gets all leaky about G400/G800

    Looks like a CeBIT preview to us...

    Business 05 23:42