4th March 1999 Archive

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  • Happy Cat posts i810 benchmarks

    The Cat in Hokkaido is undaunted

    Business 04 01:16

  • UK Phone changes to go ahead

    Chaos looms as MPs' concerns dismissed

    Business 04 11:47

  • Samsung Semi to push into retail market

    Dixons could be in the frame

    Business 04 11:58

  • PlayStation 2 development to be driven by Linux

    Sony selects Linux to beat Sega's Windows CE support

    Business 04 12:18

  • Internet free call free-for-all

    UK ISP lets members use 0800 number

    Business 04 12:51

  • Amiga future founded on Internet appliances

    New president looks beyond traditional PC markets

    Business 04 12:59

  • Update 2: Big Blue to team up with Dell

    Technology partnership to last seven years, worth $16 billion

    Business 04 15:58

  • UK printer market targeted by Samsung

    Korean giant ready to take-on all comers in bid to dominate universe

    Business 04 16:21

  • UK banks lag behind Europe in online services

    Bull research is not to be sniffed at

    Business 04 16:38

  • CHS swallows up peripherals disties

    Aptec and Paperlink to help broadliner push into high end

    Business 04 17:36

  • Intel steps up PII price slashing game

    It's all to do with the intro of the PIII/550 in May

    Business 04 17:55