1st March 1999 Archive

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  • AMD thrashes Intel at low end

    Will thrashing continue above the bottom line?

    Business 01 07:58

  • Intel employee saves UK journalist's life

    Trouble in Palm Springs...

    Business 01 08:12

  • Compaq promotes Alpha as high-end solution

    Slide presentations confirm reports

    Business 01 08:40

  • Intel makes The Register sweat IV

    Part IV: Photos from the fab inc. Mike Magee in bunny suit NB Graphics intensive

    Business 01 09:40

  • Intel decks more chips

    300a gone. Faster and faster moveth the Goliath

    Business 01 10:07

  • How MS destabilised Netscape and Marimba

    Witness Eric Engstrom defends the DimensionX purchase

    Business 01 10:16

  • The MS campaign to rein-in Intel multimedia development

    Engstrom admits MS need to "own all the driver software down to the metal"

    Business 01 10:20

  • MS OEM boss shocked by Compaq-Netscape deal – allegedly

    Joachim Kempin expresses improbable surprise and ignorance on various occasions

    Business 01 10:25

  • K6-2 PCs outsold Pentium II, Celeron machines in January

    Intel prepares to hand Great Satan of Chips title to AMD...

    Business 01 10:52

  • K7 chipset reported delayed

    Are slots dead for AMD too?

    Business 01 11:07

  • Tetra accepts Sage offer

    Will there be a counter-bid?

    Business 01 11:17

  • MS exec wriggles over Hardcore Bill's Java support

    When he says he doesn't want to support it, he means they should support it - or something

    Business 01 11:23

  • Update: Computerland UK issues profit warning

    Blamed on falling product sales

    Business 01 11:55

  • Quake III Arena leaked to Web

    Test version of ground-breaking 3D game sneaks past Id Software security

    Business 01 12:22

  • MS licences block Be's bid for PC market

    We explain why Gassee can't even give the OS away

    Business 01 12:27

  • How MS ‘publishes’ Java code by burying it

    I've shoved it on MSDN among 37 old files, and there's no index, says helpful gofer

    Business 01 12:33

  • MS rebuttal exec deletes his email every two months

    But under the circumstances, this could get Engstrom into serious trouble

    Business 01 12:56

  • Will MS roll out Gates to shore-up the defence?

    The imminent arrival of Gates 2.0 may keep him out of the box, Graham reckons

    Business 01 12:59

  • Did MS break QuickTime? It didn't help fix it…

    Eric 'no mail' Engstrom downplays key meeting as 'preliminary and exploratory'

    Business 01 13:04

  • Java to drive home-Net link standard

    Open Service Gateway to connect the wired home to the wired planet

    Business 01 13:33

  • Mobile phones cause memory loss

    Adverse effect on cognitive function, memory and attention

    Business 01 14:21

  • MP3 developer to head SDMI

    Music industry body appoints executive director with a "repuation for neutrality"

    Business 01 14:33

  • US telecomms giant homes in on UK ISP

    INS is target for Level 3 Web expansion

    Business 01 14:40

  • One-2-One to IPO

    Cable & Wireless planning £5 billion float

    Business 01 14:52

  • Samsung pumps up the DRAM volume

    Forecasts 10 per cent sales growth in 1999

    Business 01 15:36

  • Sensaura parent prepares IPO

    Scipher flotation to generate £20 million for business development

    Business 01 16:12

  • Intel NDA found on floor

    Interesting code words in here

    Business 01 16:27

  • Hacker infiltrates military satellite

    UK installations under attack - ransom demanded

    Business 01 16:42

  • 3Dfx to promote Linux Voodoo development

    Graphics company goes cross-platform to protect market share

    Business 01 16:45

  • AMD recruits IBM for 450MHz launch

    Publishes OEM price

    Business 01 16:55

  • Merced – those pictures

    First the pictures and later the words

    Business 01 17:05

  • SAP confirms Linux interest

    You read it here first

    Business 01 17:06

  • Intel completes Shiva deal

    Great Stan forms new subsidiary company

    Business 01 17:37