26th February 1999 Archive

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  • What MS OEM agreements really say

    Quite a bit of the documentation seems to have fallen into our clutches...

    Business 26 09:06

  • Philips stalks VLSI with takeover proposal

    Will it go hostile?

    Business 26 09:10

  • Come in User 2, your time is up

    PC franchise outfit goes to the wall

    Business 26 09:51

  • MS exec in shock Windows is great white whale claim

    And how come kindly Kempin was paying OEMs to stick to their contracts?

    Business 26 11:05

  • Sony enters digital music contest with MP3-beater

    Start of SDMI talks prompts flood of MP3-wannabe solutions

    Business 26 12:12

  • Soft landing ahead for AOL when Web stock bubble bursts

    Modest stock price and rising tide of subscribers augers well

    Business 26 12:25

  • LineOne leaves users in dark about going free

    Is this a back down, a delay or just good old fashioned confusion

    Business 26 12:27

  • Be boss offers OS to OEMs for free

    But will Gassee's generosity really win Be new users?

    Business 26 12:57

  • Fore snaps up Irish telecomms software firm

    Euristix goes for $81 million

    Business 26 12:59

  • Intel anxious about Compaq Alpha threat

    Pfeiffer's chip will give high end stuff run for money

    Business 26 13:31

  • Intel pays for Pentium support from Linux compiler

    Cygnus wins wedge to add MMX, SSE et al and Celeron, PII, PIII optimisation to GNUPro

    Business 26 13:38

  • e-Bay in e-trouble after copied MS software is sold on its site

    Software Stan prepares to let loose the dogs of law

    Business 26 13:49

  • Rapid sells MacLine as Apple readies channel cull

    Apple UK wants to shift focus away from mail order and onto retail

    Business 26 14:43

  • c't magazine declares war on spam

    Leading German magazine hits out at EU proposals

    Business 26 16:07

  • Corel to offer own Linux distribution

    Company pins future on Linux becoming a desktop OS -- good luck, we say

    Business 26 17:12

  • Compaq profit scare hits tech stocks

    Intel and Gateway dragged down after Compaq suffers poor Q1

    Business 26 17:17

  • Savage4 optimised for PIII says S3

    Tech sharing deal with Intel continues to pay off

    Business 26 17:36

  • Intel ships Pentium III, slashes PII prices

    And source gives us news and date of 550MHz part

    Business 26 21:03