25th February 1999 Archive

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  • Microsoft hissed and booed at Intel event

    Developers don't like Windows 2000 up them

    Business 25 00:06

  • Technology fails at Intel

    Printer drivers down, net down, pix of i820s up

    Business 25 00:19

  • Gateway takes 19.9 per cent share in NECX

    But why isn't Gateway on the Merced vendor map?

    Business 25 01:13

  • Compaq to give away VMS licences on Alpha to hobbyists

    Now what's the connection between AMD and Compaq, again?

    Business 25 01:18

  • MS demo video breaches own licence agreements

    Oh, those crazy videos...

    Business 25 10:24

  • UK Internet awards results

    Slaps on the back all-round at industry gong-fest

    Business 25 11:23

  • Theft of email is a crime, says US court

    No kidding

    Business 25 11:31

  • Metabyte to double power of nVidia TNT

    Wicked3D developer brings SLI-style operation to non-3Dfx cards

    Business 25 11:53

  • French ISP gives up the ghost after barrage of legal actions

    At least, we think that's what has happened...

    Business 25 12:11

  • Apple's FireWire Future

    Why is Steve Jobs so keen to ape Sony? Think 'consumers'...

    Business 25 12:49

  • Intel snubs IEEE 1394 for USB 2.0

    The phony war of the connectivity standards starts here

    Business 25 12:54

  • How MS tried to keep the lid on its OEM customers

    Mid-98 the wonderful new flexible MS didn't seem that flexible at all...

    Business 25 15:10

  • Nice and Easynet does it

    Out of the red and into the black for fiscal 98

    Business 25 15:15

  • Review of call charges procedures is delayed

    UK telecomms body says it will publish next month

    Business 25 15:36

  • Ex-Soviets seek $$$ for Merced-killer – Transmeta linked?

    Poverty-stricken boffins at Elbrus need $40 million to crush Intel. Give generously?

    Business 25 16:14

  • Only real men have fabs

    So is Intel wimping out?

    Business 25 16:29

  • Rosen takes lead as least credible MS witness

    Could this be the end of a glittering career?

    Business 25 16:32