24th February 1999 Archive

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  • Intel says new PIII socket on way for iMac look-alikes

    Machines could arrive as soon as August

    Business 24 00:16

  • Intel's Otellini on… Alpha

    Soundbites from our interview

    Business 24 01:32

  • Intel's Otellini on… Willamette

    Soundbites from our interview

    Business 24 01:38

  • Intel's Otellini on… HP and Merced

    Soundbites from our interview

    Business 24 01:43

  • Merced only slightly undead

    Intel architects unaware of Welsh swear word

    Business 24 10:05

  • Sun offers UltraSparc to Linux integrators

    Sees Linux-Sparc as a low-cost alternative to NT-Pentium

    Business 24 10:08

  • MS subpoenas AOL-Netscape documents

    Which may eventually tell us interesting things about the Sun connection

    Business 24 10:37

  • The virtual knives are out among the UK ISPs

    It's a jungle out there

    Business 24 11:37

  • MS exec caught fibbing about Netscape code

    And the art of threatening lies in how you tell them, doesn't it?

    Business 24 11:37

  • HP VeriFone takes lead on e-commerce via mobile phones

    Joint deal with De La Rue to provide smart cards for Web payments

    Business 24 11:52

  • Liquid Audio, Texas Instruments ready digital music spec

    Liquid Audio's drive to dominate downloadable music business continues

    Business 24 12:03

  • Can AOL turn the tide of free Net access by pushing for unmetered call charges?

    Or is the Internet giant already drinking in the last chance saloon?

    Business 24 12:06

  • Call Sciences unveils unified messaging for handsets

    Emails will track you down wherever you are

    Business 24 12:36

  • HP finalises Linux, open source plans

    Apps to be ported to Linux and released as open source

    Business 24 12:46

  • Sunday Sport sister company to launch porno ISP service

    It’s in your face and on your PC

    Business 24 12:55

  • Intel gives S3 chance to influence digital display standard

    That's one up to Savage4, one down to 3Dfx's LCDfx

    Business 24 13:14

  • Free Web service for Gateway UK customers

    It might look like a cow, but it won't eat you out of house and home

    Business 24 13:23

  • Calluna plummets on profit warning

    Flogging too few disk drives

    Business 24 14:12

  • Tri-band Motorola phone fit for a secret agent

    James Bond seen sniffing round latest technology

    Business 24 16:19

  • UK government warns of dangers of hackers

    But please don't panic

    Business 24 16:25

  • Intel Pentium III vs. AMD K6-III – the benchmarks

    The truth behind the hype -- Tom's Hardware Guide reveals all

    Business 24 16:41

  • Gates thanks Compaq witness for help over trial

    Not that this could be thought of as collusion, of course...

    Business 24 16:51

  • Compaq testimony points to murky secrets of MS relationship

    And isn't it amazing how little Compaq execs are allowed to know? Apparently...

    Business 24 16:54

  • Compaq-MS murky secrets II – an analysis

    We piece together the story of how these two lovable companies conduct their business

    Business 24 17:00

  • nVidia revenues, profits way up

    Watch out, 3Dfx

    Business 24 17:34

  • Intel geezer talks in Geyserville

    It's all to do with AC/DC -- you can swing both ways...

    Business 24 19:27

  • Eight-way Intel SMP systems to arrive in April

    Profusion guys almost having a corollary

    Business 24 19:38

  • Electronics Boutique is Game predator

    In preliminary discussions

    Business 24 22:18

  • Otellini on… Instant Dismissal

    Some more verbatim quotes...

    Business 24 23:32

  • Intel, Transmeta, Linus Torvalds in cahoots

    Interesting, isn't it?

    Business 24 23:34

  • Fifty per cent of original Corollary Profusion staff gone

    SMP plans in confusion

    Business 24 23:42

  • Intel explains investment plans

    It gets in and it gets out again

    Business 24 23:50