23rd February 1999 Archive

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  • Intel FlexATX motherboard to use 810 chipset

    Form factor suggests death of Slot One inevitable

    Business 23 00:03

  • Intel says Linux unstoppable

    But, says senior VP, not on the desktop

    Business 23 00:19

  • Intel stresses four Ss in style counsel

    "Kicking" Pat Gelsinger talks the talk

    Business 23 00:45

  • Samsung to build ARM9 system on chip

    And the company plans to support Windows CE from Q3

    Business 23 09:25

  • MS exec claims Gates was wrong – ex-MS exec?

    Dan Rosen suffers the embarrassment of being abandoned by the prosectution because he's discredited enough already

    Business 23 09:27

  • MS trial to recess over March

    The judge and prosecutor have other fish to fry, but they'll be back...

    Business 23 10:25

  • Motorola readies semiconductor division spin-off

    Great Satan of Car Radios makes non-core logic product group more buyer-friendly

    Business 23 11:37

  • Web-friendly phone unveiled by Nokia

    Can be used to download email, browse Net and access news services

    Business 23 11:48

  • 3Com nabs NTX for $90 million

    Acquisition completes 3Com's LAN telephony line-up

    Business 23 12:02

  • Apple to ape Sony PC product strategy

    Macs to be made more easy to connect to and use consumer electronics kit

    Business 23 12:32

  • Ideal wins Alpha configuration award

    New accreditation gives distie factory-standard approval

    Business 23 12:37

  • RealNetworks releases Linux content tool

    Linux-based RealProducer optimised for live audio and video encoding

    Business 23 13:09

  • Compaq cuts off Web resellers

    Distributors told not to supply the ‘no value’ sites

    Business 23 15:44

  • UK handset start-up sets sights on Chinese market

    In the year of the rabbit, Sensei is hoping it's still good to talk

    Business 23 15:52

  • Intel's Otellini teases world with PIII benchmarks

    But facts and figures as rare as hens' teeth

    Business 23 16:27

  • BT free ISP customers find sting in the tail

    Software fails to prompt users to hang up call

    Business 23 16:56

  • Yu demonstrates 1GHz chip, talks roadmap talk

    Is there liquid nitrogen behind the curtain?

    Business 23 17:20

  • UK ISP buy-up sees CIX gets its kicks

    NT hosting capability is key to deal

    Business 23 17:41

  • Intel says Direct Rambus delayed

    It will be Q3, says Gelsinger

    Business 23 17:53

  • Pentium III serial number hackable

    Andreas Stiller figures method out

    Business 23 18:10

  • Microsoft's OEMs could strip out IE shell, says MS exec

    But only after they've strictly adhered to the MS boot sequence.

    Business 23 18:16

  • Powerleap throws hat into K6-III upgrade ring

    Promises Q2 shipping date

    Business 23 19:01

  • Lion roars because of Intel chip pricing

    Big German distie forced to buy AMD chips

    Business 23 22:38