22nd February 1999 Archive

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  • i820 Camino pix thrash cyberspace

    Future Celerons takes shape

    Business 22 00:01

  • AMD K6-III is a go-go

    And now the real battle of IntelDum and AMDee starts

    Business 22 00:31

  • S3 will be battleline between Intel, AMD

    Intellectual property will ramp up clash of David versus Goliath

    Business 22 09:32

  • Two new lawsuits chase refunds for MS software users

    Money back demanded for Windows and Office

    Business 22 09:41

  • Lotus insider trader gets probation

    Man who had the IBM bid tip and blew it avoids prison

    Business 22 10:18

  • Intel to surrender to higher US authorities

    The FTC rack is very punishing

    Business 22 10:19

  • UK Web TV programme isn't as unique as it claims

    Red faces all round in the green room

    Business 22 11:32

  • Kryotech takes K6-III to half a gig

    It's very cool but set to get frostier

    Business 22 14:39

  • Citrix debuts latest software

    Offers enhanced server-based application management

    Business 22 16:38

  • Government to target jobless with vacancy Web site

    After a year of running the site it finally puts jobs online

    Business 22 16:44

  • Kingston and Action team up to sell memory over the Web

    Lack of some products and lengthy lead times may dampen customer enthusiasm though

    Business 22 16:58

  • Compaq unveils channel configuration scheme

    Distributors will handle final build before delivery to reseller

    Business 22 17:12

  • 3Com ships Palm V, Palm IIIx

    Razor ships at last

    Business 22 17:22

  • Mirror Group offers portal services

    Aims to squeeze out digital opposition

    Business 22 17:23

  • AMD K6-III ships

    Brings K6 clock speed on a par with Intel, but new cache configuration yields higher performance

    Business 22 17:49

  • Intel, partners to push digital video interface

    Ease of use the aim, claim and game but Firewire a long way off

    Business 22 23:42