19th February 1999 Archive

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  • Razor unveiled: Palm V debuts on Web

    That Palm V picture in full...

    Business 19 09:00

  • A year ago: Processor roadmap

    A straightforward look at what's afoot...

    Business 19 09:27

  • Compaq exec planned special MS deals to fox the Feds

    To obscure the companies' closeness to rivals and the DoJ, apparently

    Business 19 09:30

  • Intel forced to support PC133 SDRAM

    Whew... will it never end?

    Business 19 09:42

  • Compaq to wing Sun – like Icarus?

    World domination is us, says Stan of Haircuts

    Business 19 10:01

  • K6-III pics reach cyberspace

    But what's with this 2.3 volt stuff?

    Business 19 10:18

  • MS permitted to ship ‘independently developed’ Java tools

    But it can't infringe Sun's copyrights, source or specs.

    Business 19 12:10

  • Lycos' Wired takeover under threat

    What is it with all these shareholders?

    Business 19 12:38

  • Chase stonewalls over IE and AOL

    But the court may be less impressed than Redmond is...

    Business 19 13:26

  • Goto goes for Go after going loco over logo

    Change your logo or else, Goto tells Disney/Infoseek JV

    Business 19 13:27

  • MS emails reveal PR spin plans on integration

    Series covers how the issue should be presented to the public

    Business 19 13:28

  • It’s a Mitel kind of NeoMagic

    Pump up the DRAM

    Business 19 13:39

  • FTC prises prices from Intel clutches

    Intel protests

    Business 19 14:09

  • NCD raids Wyse for UK operations

    Thin client vendor fattens channel

    Business 19 14:27

  • NEC president falls on his sword after huge losses

    Biggest ever financial hit sees top man join the 15,000 NEC staff who've lost their jobs

    Business 19 14:40

  • 3Dfx invests in Quantum3D – technology alliance follows

    3Dfx gains Quantum3D support for Voodoo3 in exchange for cash

    Business 19 16:02

  • Exclusive! Eckhard Pfeiffer speaks out (sort of)

    We make up the answers we think the man might give...

    Business 19 16:07

  • Intel preps StrongARM launch

    Cybervillage reveals roadmap details

    Business 19 16:20

  • BT crash cuts 180,000 users off from Net

    Dial-up service comes crashing down

    Business 19 16:33

  • AOL slams Deutche Telekom Net access foul play

    ISP demands EC action to stop DT using monopoly position to control e-commerce

    Business 19 16:39

  • AOL Europe demands flat-rate fee for Net connections

    It's stifling European online business' ability to compete, claims CEO

    Business 19 16:52

  • Dow Jones lumps Web stocks under one banner

    But the club doesn't let just anyone in

    Business 19 16:57

  • Selling-over-the-Web problem to snatch Y2K bug’s crown

    IT buyers to face another barrage of scare stories

    Business 19 17:35

  • Free-pc.com locks aim on UK

    Brits to get in yer face advertising on the desktop

    Business 19 18:32