18th February 1999 Archive

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  • AMD admits K6-III called K6-III

    Now Web Stalinists airbrush out the URL...

    Business 18 09:37

  • $399 PC outfit aims for $1bn sales in 99

    Korean-backed EMachines plans to make it faster than any company in history

    Business 18 10:11

  • Andreessen wasn't paying attention at key meeting – MS exec

    Please sir, he was doing his email instead... Please sir...

    Business 18 10:13

  • Chase: AOL ships IE so it can hurt MS case

    It helps MS' browser share to hurt Microsoft. Redmond's a psychological snake-pit...

    Business 18 10:15

  • Compaq to get EMEA shake-up?

    Nigerian outfit opens soon

    Business 18 10:31

  • 1GHz Intel story takes on Alice-like dimensions

    Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, will you join the dance?

    Business 18 11:17

  • Videologic jumps into bed with Aureal

    Race is on for European retailers

    Business 18 12:35

  • IBM confirms Linux deal with Red Hat

    Alliance covers support, marketing and hardware optimisation for Linux

    Business 18 12:47

  • HP comes over all aggressive with direct PC sales

    Brio will be offered over the Web

    Business 18 13:35

  • AOL names Andreessen chief tech officer

    His mission: to spread harmony among AOL and Netscape staff

    Business 18 13:38

  • Japanese chip production investment stalls

    Top five producers' spend on plant, kit to stay flat through 1999

    Business 18 14:05

  • Compaq CEO sets time for Alta Vista IPO

    Search engine company has "six months" to prepare, says Pfeiffer

    Business 18 14:40

  • NatSemi Cyrix licenses Rambus for Jalapeno

    x86 core's performance so dependent on memory speed Rambus deal essential

    Business 18 15:33

  • Hyundai exec admits Rambus shortage

    RDRAM, RDRAM -- wherefore art thou, RDRAM?

    Business 18 15:50

  • MS only decided to integrate IE in March 97

    This email seems to smoke more than a little...

    Business 18 16:11

  • Connectix plans Windows launch for PlayStation emulator

    And Internet multiplayer support coming too

    Business 18 16:26

  • Woman has virtual affair on Internet

    Jealous husband nearly kills her - literally

    Business 18 16:35

  • NT4 not Y2K safe thanks to delayed patch

    But Microsoft in denial, big time

    Business 18 16:37

  • Gladiator enters storage arena

    Volume-mapping device aimed at growing SAN market

    Business 18 17:32