17th February 1999 Archive

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  • IBM to fab Compaq's Alphas

    Surprise, surprise...

    Business 17 01:41

  • MS heads for trouble in Caldera lawsuit

    Redmond's motion for summary judgement looks flimsy...

    Business 17 09:04

  • Compaq exec downplays MS threat to pull its Windows licence

    The huge 1996 fight wasn't, apparently. We had an understanding.

    Business 17 09:48

  • UK firm offers 25 years free Web access – at a price

    Of course we'll all still be here then

    Business 17 10:59

  • Press coverage forces removal of UltraHLE ‘source’

    But it was never genuine source code in the first place...

    Business 17 11:29

  • Marimba: IPO is go

    Net push company greenlights share release to net $56 million

    Business 17 12:09

  • 1999 not Year of Rambus, warns Fujitsu exec

    Shortages of testers and packaging will mean shortages of Direct DRAM

    Business 17 12:35

  • New software problem to hit before the year 2000

    Look out folks, it's the Four Nines Bug -- seriously

    Business 17 12:49

  • Joint channel accreditation for Oracle and Compaq

    You scratch my back, etc, etc...

    Business 17 13:41

  • Branson hits out at AOL as Virgin offers freebies

    Watch out for the not-so-free support call charges though

    Business 17 13:57

  • Apple caves in over FireWire licensing

    Mac maker to share IEEE1394 patent rights

    Business 17 14:19

  • London set to run out of phone numbers as row breaks out

    Telecomms watchdog blasted by MPs

    Business 17 15:08

  • Aureal annual revenues up 16x

    But it's still isn't making a profit

    Business 17 15:17

  • Hardcore porn ads sneak past Excite filters

    Oh dear

    Business 17 18:11