16th February 1999 Archive

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  • How MS OEM contracts block Windows refunds

    Take it up with the OEMs, says MS. After all, they signed the MS contracts, didn't they?

    Business 16 09:44

  • Pfeiffer to re-engineer Compaq as Internet company

    Digital Alpha part of his vision thing

    Business 16 11:15

  • Big Blue to ship Linux on x86, PowerPC systems

    Multi-vendor licensing deal due next month along with Linux-based servers, workstations and PCs

    Business 16 11:53

  • Computers in Ireland purchased

    ITG strengthens hand

    Business 16 13:08

  • Morse gears up for £300m stock market float

    Listing to be completed within first half of the year

    Business 16 13:10

  • UK schools offered free Web access, free PCs and cash back from support calls

    If you listen carefully you can hear teachers weeping for joy

    Business 16 13:37

  • Not all ISPs are on the make, of course


    Business 16 13:48

  • What’s in a name?


    Business 16 13:53

  • Civil rights Web site blocked in Tunisia

    Amnesty accuses Tunisian authorities of heavy-handed tactics

    Business 16 14:46

  • Compel sees turnover up, profit up in wake of Info’Products buy

    Latest acquisition could dent next set of figures though

    Business 16 16:32

  • Disney to buy Pixar and… er… Apple?

    Steve Jobs to become CEO of Great Satan of 'Toons, apparently...

    Business 16 17:01

  • Madge bolsters top tier management

    Seeks to re-establish market presence

    Business 16 17:12

  • Compaq buys Zip2 for over $220 million

    Deal will add localised services to AltaVista's national coverage

    Business 16 17:37