15th February 1999 Archive

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  • MS exec evasive on ISPs and downloads

    Myhrvold's views seem flexible, to say the least

    Business 15 09:05

  • How MS-AOL deal resulted in 90 per cent share for IE

    And how, when the contract ends, the position could easily be reversed

    Business 15 09:10

  • Trial documents reveal nature of MS-Pipex deal

    There are some missing bits, but a story can still be pieced together

    Business 15 09:14

  • IDT, Rise face uphill struggle in 1999

    Intel-AMD fight could leave minors the scraps from x.86 table

    Business 15 10:27

  • IBM jumps from fire into frying pan

    AS/400 puts fat on its dry bones in National Chip Week

    Business 15 10:47

  • Pentium III free (expensive) at last (nearly)

    Now what do you do if you've just bought a PII?

    Business 15 11:22

  • Mitsubishi claims 500MHz SRAM breakthrough

    Not so many cosmic ray errors any more

    Business 15 12:30

  • Qualcomm may kill apps to save Eudora

    Division said to be saved from sell-off, but various applications will go

    Business 15 12:30

  • Digital cameras start selling at last

    Worldwide shipments rise by 43 per cent a year

    Business 15 12:36

  • Microsoft UK claims 50 per cent anti-piracy hits

    Other OEM halves evade them -- unfortunately

    Business 15 15:45

  • HP weak link in Merced chain

    There is a house in Albuquerque where the endians live

    Business 15 16:29

  • Dixons court case postponed until year 2000

    Founder of PC World facing six year old writ

    Business 15 16:41

  • Dell goes non-stop with Tandem

    Puzzling? Not really...

    Business 15 16:43

  • UK company gambles on US success

    Tax-free betting to reap big rewards

    Business 15 16:49

  • SAP on Linux trail

    Finds interest from all sorts of people

    Business 15 16:53

  • Nintendo to go 2GHz Wintel – rubbish!

    ...or is just a mad rumour?

    Business 15 17:07

  • More legal woes for Info'Products

    Reseller being sued for unpaid sales commission

    Business 15 17:08

  • Pink Elephant under attack from poachers

    UK support services firm sees red over headhunters' actions

    Business 15 17:16

  • Microsoft preps Cool to tool on Java

    The Great Stan prepares its Java exit strategy

    Business 15 17:16

  • Safetynet MBO puts CEO in charge

    New owners buoyant about future

    Business 15 17:55