12th February 1999 Archive

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  • A year ago: EU plans Internet Charter, but hits US flak

    Ira Magaziner should change his name to Weber

    Business 12 08:09

  • Chase denies Gates said ‘How much to screw Netscape’

    But it's not entirely clear what the lad did say, then...

    Business 12 08:12

  • More home computers to be given away as direct-marketing tools

    iMacs better than junk mail, but won't fit through your letter box

    Business 12 10:22

  • Lycos/USA Networks merger collapses

    Investor unrest cited as possible cause

    Business 12 11:44

  • 3Dfx unveils Voodoo3 2000, 3000 and 3500

    Full details finally released

    Business 12 12:26

  • Programmers slam ‘useless’ UltraHLE source code

    No chance of desired Linux port with this code, claim software authors

    Business 12 12:57

  • Ingram Micro sees turnover and profit up for '98

    Figures up across the board

    Business 12 13:03

  • MS trial over by August? The Register predicts…

    But if we get this horribly wrong, blame Graham, OK?

    Business 12 13:06

  • Telcos to follow PC suit by giving away calls

    It must be bandwagon season

    Business 12 14:35

  • Cupid stunts to boost Valentine e-commerce

    Show us your softer side, and your wallet while you're about it

    Business 12 14:37

  • Canadian company develops browser that hides your identity

    Two cheers for anonymity

    Business 12 14:38

  • Asian PC market bounces back to pre-crisis point

    Not all good news though -- Korea and Hong Kong still suffering

    Business 12 14:52

  • Free-PC blasted by rival for giving PCs away

    It'll be tears before bedtime

    Business 12 15:06

  • Intel to demo 1GHz chip by year end

    Company already ramping 0.18 micron silicon

    Business 12 15:08

  • No copper for Intel until 0.13 micron

    But is it because they'd have to junk everything?

    Business 12 15:09

  • Intel confuses world+dog over 0.18 micron

    Is 0.13 micron 0.18 micron, and which companies are A, B and C?

    Business 12 15:27

  • Compaq thumps Win64 tub

    Endian shock horror hits future plans

    Business 12 15:39

  • Sluttish Merced still undead

    Clings on to life a little like General Franco did

    Business 12 15:48

  • Nintendo will sue UltraHLE developers

    Great Satan of Plumbers decides to play the heavy

    Business 12 16:16

  • Lycos/USA Networks merger collapses

    Concerted effort from key investors brings deal to an end

    Business 12 16:23

  • HMV to explore digital music distribution

    Deal with IBM will ready retailer to exploit the results of the Madison Project

    Business 12 17:05

  • Online angels hit out at their non-virtual counterparts

    Trouble in paradise -- there's lyres and then there's liars

    Business 12 17:13

  • Sex pest caught after Internet chat room meeting

    UK man travels to US to marry 15 year old girl

    Business 12 18:48