11th February 1999 Archive

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  • A year ago: Fresh Intel price war to hit 3Com

    Great Stan means Gigabit business

    Business 11 08:06

  • MS' $500k sweethearts deal with UK ISP

    But did it use it as a crowbar to help IE into the market?

    Business 11 09:09

  • UK Net dial-up charges among highest in Europe

    Oh no they're not, pleads BT

    Business 11 11:25

  • JSB post-float results beat expectations

    But it still lost money since its AIM listing

    Business 11 11:42

  • Genuine Pentium III systems for sale in UK

    Machines running both Linux and NT

    Business 11 12:00

  • Dissecting Sony's Game

    Why is Sony chasing PlayStation emulator developer Connectix when it's case is so weak?

    Business 11 12:06

  • Linux fan releases UltraHLE source code

    Could nuke Nintendo legal action against N64 emulator's developers

    Business 11 12:11

  • Creative Labs endorses MP3

    Forthcoming Rio clone will support controversial digital music format

    Business 11 12:35

  • Intel shrugs shoulders over re-marked chips

    Lots of PII remarks sloshing round in the channel

    Business 11 12:44

  • Net loophole to slash corporate tax receipts

    Register your e-commerce business outside the UK and cut your tax bill, claim consultants

    Business 11 13:10

  • MS contract exec explains Netscape ‘acceptable degradation’

    But not very effectively, one might observe...

    Business 11 13:14

  • CEO declares independence for Yahoo!

    But isn't that what Lycos' boss said?

    Business 11 13:14

  • Eurocrats back tighter protection for digital copyright

    Proposed legislation could hit software users too

    Business 11 13:18

  • SiS to support K7, Pentium III

    And Camino in its sights too

    Business 11 13:21

  • AMD claims 30 million 3DNow! chips will ship by year end

    Starts propaganda war against Streaming SIMD

    Business 11 13:41

  • UK tax records affected by EDS MCI Systemhouse deal

    Deal worth $17 billion. Is our data safe in Worldcom's hands?

    Business 11 16:05

  • PlusNet increases customer base 1000 per cent

    FreeServe? We were there first -- Sheffield ISP

    Business 11 16:09

  • Battle of Intel shark and AMD minnow ramps up

    AMD claims ents industry thinks it's great

    Business 11 16:15

  • BT to resell Inktomi search sytems to Europe

    First Euro-centric search system to go online this summer

    Business 11 16:47

  • Compaq could snap up AMD

    Share price makes it vulnerable

    Business 11 16:49

  • Hefner huffed over Excite, Netscape for smut substitutions

    Search for Playboy and get Tease.com instead

    Business 11 16:52

  • Memsolve calls in receiver

    Creditors fail to come up with rescue package

    Business 11 17:00

  • Banks could face run on Y2K money

    Nat West admits it's only 98 per cent compliant

    Business 11 17:04

  • No Iridium phones shipped in UK yet

    And when will they start?

    Business 11 17:34

  • Cyrix enlists for Rambus

    Where Intel leads, so shall ye follow

    Business 11 17:47

  • MS exec denies knowledge, MS press release defies gravity

    As a bit of light relief, we thought we'd analyse Redmond's latest bulletin

    Business 11 19:48