10th February 1999 Archive

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  • Feds to widen Intel case

    Chipsets, motherboards, what next?

    Business 10 09:15

  • A year ago: Caldera's ghostly lawsuit rattles chains

    Ray Noorda's company rolls on

    Business 10 09:19

  • MS hits trouble with another video

    For some reason it wanted to prove Net signup was faster in 98 than Windows 3.1...

    Business 10 09:33

  • MS dastardly plan deprived Netscape users of mouse

    It's official -- Microsoft's contract lawyers DO take the Mickey...

    Business 10 09:59

  • Intel serial number linked to US transaction plan

    "Know your Customer" prog could use CPU IDs

    Business 10 10:01

  • Psion profit warning follows modem sales slump

    Dacom's struggles impact on Psion's profit

    Business 10 11:08

  • UK government praises work of Internet watchdog

    Thumbs up for anti-porn body

    Business 10 11:28

  • File caching faces chop from Eurocrats

    World Wide Web set to become World Wide Wait

    Business 10 11:45

  • Lynx wants Tetra – why?

    Tetra shares up, Lynx shares down

    Business 10 11:48

  • Porno scaremongers in spin doctor shocker


    Business 10 12:15

  • MS strangles puppy to save MacOffice

    Dump Rocky the Dog or the apps get it, seems to have been the deal

    Business 10 12:49

  • MS pushes prices down, not up, claims study

    CFA study which claimed Microsoft owed customers $10 billion was deeply flawed, new book alleges

    Business 10 12:53

  • Rise signs VML as North European rep

    mp6 available now and S370 version en route

    Business 10 12:57

  • Intel invests in iBEAM

    Screaming media company gets boost

    Business 10 13:04

  • BSkyB and AOL to form partnership

    So much for Rupert Murdoch's opposition to the Web

    Business 10 13:28

  • ICL freezes Intel out of clever fridge market

    These are the people that brought you a desk with an embedded Sinclair

    Business 10 13:52

  • 3Com greases Palm Computing Platform with wireless purchase

    Moving into Symbian territory

    Business 10 14:25

  • Symbian to knock MS out of Siemens alliance?

    If Siemens is negotiating, then last year's partner must have been unpartnered

    Business 10 15:10

  • Apexx commences channel development drive

    Wanted: dealers and distributors for plug-and-play Internet access system

    Business 10 15:26

  • Viglen's off the page ban pays off

    Only wants knowledgeable, second time around PC buyers

    Business 10 15:41

  • Intel to introduce 700MHz mobile next year

    Pentium III mobiles at end of this year

    Business 10 15:55

  • Flat screen debuted by Samsung

    Distortion-free and no curvature in the horizontal plane, either

    Business 10 16:08

  • ATI Rage 128 fastest 3D technology – Mercury Research

    Latest benchmarks show nVidia close behind, but both don't fare so well at 2D work

    Business 10 16:09

  • Anti-caching lobby wins round one of Euro vote

    Former pop-star at centre of row which could bring Web to its knees

    Business 10 16:48

  • C2000 brings components distributor Onboard

    Lay-offs to follow as broadliner targets Datrontech and others

    Business 10 16:56