8th February 1999 Archive

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  • A year ago: Serious questions remain for Intel about business conduct

    We take a closer look at the Catto case

    Business 08 Feb 08:10

  • Allchin takes a beating over video

    And as the trial transcript shows, he didn't do that well on the old integration issue either...

    Business 08 Feb 08:26

  • Silverberg to return in MS split into four divisions

    The mystery man's 19 month sabbatical may be drawing to a close

    Business 08 Feb 08:31

  • AOL will not jump on freebie bandwagon

    Says it is still picking up subscribers

    Business 08 Feb 08:47

  • How MS tried to dig itself out of video hell

    Unfortunately, demo two seemed to be full of legal holes as well...

    Business 08 Feb 08:57

  • MS video II – full transcript, again…

    All regretably unscientific and pointless, it would appear...

    Business 08 Feb 09:01

  • Conclusion: DoJ spin bowls MS video clean

    Most spectacular government victory since Kuwait, says observer

    Business 08 Feb 09:03

  • Intel slashes Celeron prices – again

    AMD will be hurt -- again

    Business 08 Feb 11:14

  • AMD to call K6-3 the ‘AMD K6-III’

    There will be trouble ahead! And AMD reacts to Intel prices

    Business 08 Feb 11:51

  • Big Blue, Big Five to unveil Net music system

    Project Madison potential threat to MP3 and even SDMI

    Business 08 Feb 12:14

  • LG Semicon-Hyundai merger could happen next week

    LG Semicon strikers go back after "special bonus" and job guarantee

    Business 08 Feb 12:15

  • How Allchin exposed video fiddle last Monday – but nobody noticed

    He actually blurted it out a couple of seconds before Boies launched his attack

    Business 08 Feb 12:20

  • Rational president obeys MS call to colours

    Or, as he put it, does his duty as a citizen

    Business 08 Feb 12:34

  • Nintendo legal rumblings provoke boycott call

    Action against emulator developers would be a "public relations fiasco"

    Business 08 Feb 13:05

  • The future's looking Orange for Microsoft

    Software Stan likes the look of your mobile phone

    Business 08 Feb 15:11

  • Anti-abortion fanatics threaten use of Web cam

    Pictures of women using clinics will be posted on sites inciting violence

    Business 08 Feb 15:26

  • No such thing as a free PC

    Users given hardware for nothing, but must agree to suffer advertising bombardment

    Business 08 Feb 16:08

  • Doubts still remain over unclothed PIIIs in Japan

    What is the voltage, we ask ourselves?

    Business 08 Feb 16:15

  • Rise chip results leak – and they're not good

    The FPU mark is 688 -- the core is slow

    Business 08 Feb 16:51

  • WinCE catches up with Palm

    3Com/Palm still market leader, but Windows CE sales growing faster

    Business 08 Feb 17:30