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Scantily clad PIII found on Clive Turvey's pages

Thanks to Kenneth Ekman for directing us to pictures of the Pentium III which seem a lot more genuine than those found in downtown Tokyo. Here they are... ® Related Stories Naked Pentium III found in downtown Tokyo Naked K7 found in downtown Las Vegas
A staffer, 06 Feb 1999

Stalag Houston analyses cost of human sewage

Bean counting at Compaq has taken on a whole new meaning, according to an insider at a facility in Marlboro, MA. Fresh from its success in blocking out competing companies' websites and banning access to non-business related sites, Compaq has now placed a notice in its cafeteria outlining the human cost of having staff. According to the insider a notice has been posted showing the electrical consumption, water and sewage costs of hiring people. The average sewage costs for both buildings in Marlboro last year was $42 per person. The insider wonders whether the notice was there so that people could cut down on their drinking and eating, and so help Compaq's bottom line... ®
Eva Glass, 06 Feb 1999

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