5th February 1999 Archive

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  • A year ago: Compaq's Eckhard flees to London

    Great Stan of Haircuts talks at gruesome hotel

    Business 05 07:55

  • AMD hurts as Intel fights harder

    Celeron price pressure squeezing smaller firm

    Business 05 08:04

  • Lycos merger to create largest portal site

    Deal with NBC said to be imminent

    Business 05 11:06

  • MS screws-up video remake, and admits it wasn't real anyway

    Phrases like 'blatant attempt to mislead the court' seem to spring to mind...

    Business 05 11:12

  • PlayStation emulator wins first round against Sony

    Connectix allowed to continue selling Virtual GameStation

    Business 05 11:13

  • Major US indie label backs MP3

    The man from Rykodisc -- he say 'yes!'

    Business 05 11:32

  • Micromuse drug charge man facing trial in Guernsey

    Date set for later this month after arrest in December

    Business 05 11:34

  • HP to tell the world it is serious about the Web

    So, does that mean it has just been playing until now?

    Business 05 11:48

  • MS accused of telling staff to spam ZDNet

    Woman says 'verbal' memo ecouraged staff to pose as pro-MS students

    Business 05 11:50

  • Dell commits to Ireland production facilities

    Direct vendor not following Apple's example, claims CEO

    Business 05 11:51

  • Flying pickets turn to Internet to wage war on factory owners

    Company to be spammed in protest against sackings

    Business 05 12:33

  • Big name ISPs fail to impress

    US magazine lambastes poor service and support

    Business 05 12:53

  • End of the line for Siemens MBO hopes

    German conglomerate rejects Geordie bid

    Business 05 13:11

  • Data networks too complex for solo vendors, Olicom claims

    Cuddles up to Cabletron

    Business 05 13:26

  • K6-3 to have new name as software war begins

    Sooner or later, we'll find out...

    Business 05 13:29

  • VIA puts chipset weight behind PC 133

    Direct Rambus likely to be too expensive

    Business 05 13:41

  • VIA unveils chipset roadmap, claims Camino late

    Says it will give Intel run for its money

    Business 05 13:49

  • VIA to IPO on 5 March

    Claims it will knock Intel off its perch

    Business 05 14:00

  • UK mobile phone firms escape call charge cuts

    Oftel rules that existing levels of competition will bring down prices

    Business 05 14:15

  • Bug's Life fails to halt Pixar profit plunge

    Is Jobs devoting too much energy to Apple?

    Business 05 15:44

  • Web-based bookstore for UK from Bertelsmann

    Media behemoth to rope in existing Net presence to rival Amazon and WH Smith

    Business 05 16:03

  • Diamond CEO charts company's MP3 future

    Schroeder's razor contrasted with Gilette's razor, Occam's razor and Palm's Razor...

    Business 05 16:08

  • Ingram to produce its own non-branded PCs

    UK to get white boxes if first stage of plan succeeds

    Business 05 16:20

  • UK cable firms to offer Web over the TV services

    Gang of three leads the way, will Murdoch's BSkyB follow suit?

    Business 05 16:52

  • AMD desktop chip found hiding in Compaq notebook

    Manufacturer admits to covering up bogus chip choice

    Business 05 18:38