4th February 1999 Archive

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  • A year ago: US Var alleges heavy-handed treatment by Intel

    Company censored from Intel Usenet

    Business 04 Feb 08:09

  • Gateway goes AMD

    Intel snubbed as our world exclusive comes to pass

    Business 04 Feb 08:23

  • Opinion: Yesterday's men conduct the virtual trial

    Ignorant lawyers and yes-men execs are circling to little end

    Business 04 Feb 09:49

  • Allchin heads for video remix

    We look at the events leading up to this week's disaster

    Business 04 Feb 09:53

  • That video – the full transcript

    Fortunately, we got to it before it disappeared...

    Business 04 Feb 10:00

  • MS had plans of its own for an IE uninstaller for Win98

    Or so it would appear, from some of the trial exhibits

    Business 04 Feb 10:08

  • Naked Pentium III chip found in downtown Toyko

    Makes early appearance in Japan with street pricing..or does it?

    Business 04 Feb 11:36

  • Info’Products ex-staff site gets a piece of the Action

    Reseller recruits from the disgruntled IP ranks

    Business 04 Feb 11:55

  • AMD share price seesaws

    Gateway pumps it up, investor cancellations dumb it down

    Business 04 Feb 12:08

  • UK police deny Web conspiracy

    Civil liberties organisation accused of stirring up paranoia

    Business 04 Feb 12:08

  • Hitachi makes huge loss

    Economic woes have good way still to run

    Business 04 Feb 12:14

  • Online gambling sites accused of rigging the tables

    Playing the slots can be bad for your health

    Business 04 Feb 12:37

  • Apple tight-lipped on LG's iMac production deal

    No comment, says Mac maker -- but the $10 billion deal makes too much sense

    Business 04 Feb 12:44

  • Year 2000 baby boom bug in the offing

    Web site tells couples how to it properly

    Business 04 Feb 12:49

  • LG Semicon DRAM strike continues

    But a "special bonus" might drag workers back

    Business 04 Feb 13:08

  • Allchin lobbied Maritz to pull IE4 from Windows 98

    Jimbo's heroic defence of integration is somewhat undermined by what he was saying during development

    Business 04 Feb 13:20

  • GoodNoise, Harry Fox deal ‘legitimises’ MP3

    Mechanical copyright licence agreement puts MP3 on a par with CDs, LPs and cassettes

    Business 04 Feb 13:29

  • DirectX update adds Pentium III, MIDI support

    DirectMusic MIDI API released six months late

    Business 04 Feb 15:56

  • US mail order dealer snaps up Simply

    East London firm sells out after computer system problems

    Business 04 Feb 16:54

  • BBC launches joint Web/TV programme

    Studio-based teams rely on emails from viewers

    Business 04 Feb 17:04

  • iMac, Vaio drive record Japanese PC sales

    Christmas season PC shipments up 16 per cent growth

    Business 04 Feb 17:08

  • Pfeiffer stopped 128-bit Alpha workstations in its tracks

    Must be a PC, kind of Intel geezer, we think

    Business 04 Feb 18:27