3rd February 1999 Archive

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  • Channel assembly lifts Northamber profits

    RS/6000 franchise on the cards?

    Business 03 08:53

  • ‘Slow’ machine in test video was running MS Office

    It seems the PC having trouble accessing Windows Update hadn't had IE uninstalled at all

    Business 03 10:52

  • S3 unveils Voodoo-zapping Savage4

    Resurgent S3 sets sights on 3Dfx, nVidia and arch-enemy ATI

    Business 03 11:00

  • Intel tempts Toshiba with cash carrot

    Get into Rambus production -- and win fabulous cash prizes

    Business 03 12:00

  • Intel, HP, IBM and Compaq to thrash out IO directions

    A meeting in Monterey means possible PCI/X resolution

    Business 03 12:31

  • Kenwood debuts 52x CD-ROM drive

    TrueX technology makes for faster, quieter drives

    Business 03 12:36

  • IBM copper will appear in an Intel Netfinity in June

    The next rev of a PowerPC chip will drive RAID

    Business 03 12:47

  • Microsoft junks NT-based consumer OS plan

    Convergence after Win98 has been 'postponed,' apparently...

    Business 03 12:50

  • UK companies face chaos as phone numbers change

    Only four months to go and only one per cent of firms have taken heed

    Business 03 13:23

  • Microsoft sued over alleged ActiveX patent violation

    Plaintiff demands Microsoft cease selling Windows 95/98, Internet Explorer

    Business 03 13:37

  • Anti-abortion web threats silenced by $100m damages bill

    Court rules anti-abortionists’ threats are nothing to do with freedom of speech

    Business 03 13:57

  • Ecademy seeks to spread the word about e-commerce

    Businesses invited to take part in information exchange

    Business 03 14:14

  • Dan pulls in ex-Gateway man to beef up sales team

    Shepheard ready to lead the push into new markets

    Business 03 14:26

  • Compaq contemplating 128-bit Alpha

    Cost could be prohibitive, given bean counting characteristics

    Business 03 15:23

  • Willamette set to be phased by copper

    Iterations of the IA-32 technology set to disappear

    Business 03 15:31

  • Europe-wide Net boycott a qualified success

    Nearly 90 per cent of Spanish users heed the call - but hardly any Brits did

    Business 03 15:36

  • Is Merced a RISCy chip?

    Come on, Intel, this is a yes or a no, isn't it?

    Business 03 15:44

  • Now Sun SPARC supports AMD

    Ze plot thickens....

    Business 03 16:04

  • N64 emulator vanishes after lawsuit threat

    Nintendo may follow Sony and sue developers for encouraging software piracy

    Business 03 16:14

  • Boy's ‘r’ Us – says Intel

    The Groove Connection is here

    Business 03 16:20

  • Cisco sees 40 per cent revenue hike in Q2

    Great Stan of Routers continues to rake it in, despite acquisitions

    Business 03 16:36

  • MS exec recants over video ‘inconsistency’

    The Register reckons MS wouldn't have got into this pooh if it documented the Windows registry...

    Business 03 19:30