2nd February 1999 Archive

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  • Oops – MS patent lawyers say browser is separate

    Patent contradicts other lawyers' case, apparently...

    Business 02 08:19

  • A year ago: IBM Ts&Cs roost in Turkey

    Britain was Hungary so it took some Turkey and dipped it in Greece

    Business 02 08:29

  • Oracle wins Dell for appliance database strategy

    Claims Compaq and IBM to follow

    Business 02 08:54

  • STMicro in beta with fast sys-chips

    Apparently, it is rocket science

    Business 02 09:04

  • CompuServe UK MD – did he jump or was he pushed

    Wife’s sudden departure may hold answer

    Business 02 09:57

  • Asian component manufacturers at risk from millennium bug

    Sun’s McNealy hits out

    Business 02 11:15

  • ARM signs up MIPS loyalist Toshiba

    Sales and profits up

    Business 02 11:43

  • Raza to be FTC vs Intel witness

    List begins to trickle down

    Business 02 12:20

  • Restructured Skillsgroup sees reward

    Turnover and profit up for the year

    Business 02 12:37

  • P&P founder joins Northamber

    The Fisher King

    Business 02 12:50

  • Hackers can’t crack us, say credit agencies

    Stories of personal details being broken into are exaggerated

    Business 02 12:54

  • IBM, HP, Intel and AMD leak new technology

    IEEE conference programme shows seepage

    Business 02 13:02

  • ITG to go down the Freeserve route

    Plans bolstered by upturn in results

    Business 02 13:06

  • UK consumers are gagging for e-commerce

    Lack of services is holding them back

    Business 02 13:52

  • Apple axes 450 jobs in Cork, Ireland

    iMac production outsourced to LG Electronics' UK plant

    Business 02 14:05

  • Intel invests in global derivative firm

    Engineering and technical support for Monis

    Business 02 14:10

  • Sequent subs out Germany to Comparex

    No job losses

    Business 02 15:58

  • Senior AMD figure called for Jury duty…

    ...and it's the week of the Sharptooth launch

    Business 02 16:00

  • German company Siemens owes Brits £50 million

    No buyer for Geordie fab before 31 January

    Business 02 16:16

  • Victims of government computer foul-up get compensation

    A whole 10 pounds sterling each, two cheers

    Business 02 16:25

  • UK encryption policy damaging to business

    Government called upon to shape up

    Business 02 17:05

  • DoJ skewers MS exec over falsified video

    Allchin admits in court that his evidence was tampered with, and is now therefore FDISKed

    Business 02 21:07