1st February 1999 Archive

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  • A year ago: EU agrees on Net bugging

    Penalties will be severe in the extreme

    Business 01 08:45

  • Excite keyword selling practice challenged in court

    Cosmetics giant refuses to kiss and make-up

    Business 01 10:31

  • Microsoft's Maritz unsure how many APIs in Windows

    'Couple of thousand -- I guess'

    Business 01 10:47

  • Maritz on… Linux

    "Number of Linux developers vastly exceeds the number of NT developers"

    Business 01 11:03

  • Maritz on… Apple

    Microsoft feared "patent terrorism" if Apple collapsed

    Business 01 11:21

  • Maritz on… Intel

    Did MS see Intel's NSP as a potential platform competitor?

    Business 01 11:34

  • Maritz on… Lotus Notes

    "It has the potential to compete across the board with our product line"

    Business 01 11:44

  • Maritz on… the BeOS

    BeOS competes with Windows in all circumstances

    Business 01 11:48

  • Apple blamed for forced reseller disposal

    Yes, but didn't the bank and trading difficulties have something to do with it?

    Business 01 12:04

  • Maritz on… Netscape

    "We did conclude marketing arrangements whereby gave preference to our product over competing browsers"

    Business 01 12:08

  • Creation postpones MP3 sales scheme

    Sony Music demands delay -- and gets it

    Business 01 12:41

  • Tesco jumps on free Web access bandwagon

    Every little helps

    Business 01 12:45

  • Datrontech goes Dutch for bargain basement purchase

    Trebles PC assembly capacity

    Business 01 13:07

  • Microsoft share price “surprisingly high” warns Gates

    But its more to do with PR than inflated IPOs

    Business 01 13:56

  • French get le bargain PC offering

    Who says cheap ain't chic?

    Business 01 15:19

  • Merced vs Alpha deal takes further Compaq twist

    Compaq forecasts end of Sun SPARC and MIPS

    Business 01 15:21

  • Dixons responds to launch of Tesco free Web access

    It's all out war on the high street

    Business 01 15:32

  • Compaq confused over which OS to use

    Is it Tru64, NT 64-bit, or what?

    Business 01 15:33

  • Compaq outlines future of storage

    It wants to be a utility, like gas, water or electricity

    Business 01 15:50

  • Compaq still wavering over Alpha, Merced

    MIPS gone, according to Eckhard, but where does that leave the rest?

    Business 01 16:17

  • US decide Jan 1 2000 doesn't exist

    It solves one problem but prompts another

    Business 01 16:51