31st January 1999 Archive

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  • Alpha pricing could cut Intel's throat

    Pricing details show Compaq can hurt Intel if it wants

    Business 31 10:03

  • Compaq to unveil Tru64 Unix plans tomorrow

    Confidential documents show what's up. But let's concentrate on Alpha vs Merced tomorrow...

    Business 31 10:56

  • Willamette not teacher's pet

    K7, Alpha speculation gets red hot

    Business 31 12:26

  • Intel brings Pentium III launch forward

    AMD brings K6-3 launch even further forward. Tweedledum and Tweedledee...

    Business 31 12:33

  • Intel causes furore over Slot One re-box

    OEM stock seems to be going in retail box

    Business 31 12:44