29th January 1999 Archive

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  • MS mounts Linux sales pitch in trial video

    Our old friend from Halloween loves it, apparently...

    Business 29 08:17

  • Office the ‘perfect club’ to use on Apple – MS

    Fear and loathing at the conference table, seven months into the 'alliance'

    Business 29 09:17

  • Dell using Alpha chip in servers

    It's an OEM agreement but is it traitorous?

    Business 29 10:00

  • Qualcomm to drop Eudora?

    And Microsoft machinations could be behind it all

    Business 29 10:05

  • Parry shoots from Portable

    Girling in at Datrontech sub

    Business 29 11:34

  • More legal wrangles hit Microsoft

    Stan won't need to buy a map to find the court house this time

    Business 29 11:37

  • MS ordered to hand over Win98 uninstall data

    And how come an MS attorney was claiming the data 'does not relate' to the testing?

    Business 29 11:48

  • Kyocera starts shipping sat handsets

    But all that glitters is not Iridium

    Business 29 12:26

  • CompuServe UK loses its head

    Turner off to consider other options

    Business 29 12:27

  • BT gets green light to bid for 3G wireless

    Which should put the going rate for a franchise up considerably...

    Business 29 12:40

  • PlayStation emulator developer to fight Sony lawsuit

    Connectix launches upgrade and ramps up production for retail sales

    Business 29 12:41

  • Sony Japan to trial Internet music downloads

    System based on MiniDisc, not PCs, apparently

    Business 29 12:57

  • Rogues’ gallery goes online

    London's finest put crims on the Web

    Business 29 13:48

  • So, who c@me first


    Business 29 14:27

  • Don’t give up your d@y job

    And stop giving away those freebies

    Business 29 14:32

  • Big Blue buckets

    You could even call ‘em ebuckets

    Business 29 14:33

  • Infoseek sees losses improve

    Set to get worse next quarter though

    Business 29 14:38

  • Linux will ship on our servers – SGI

    But it won't say when

    Business 29 14:58

  • Web stock boom will end tears

    Head of Federal Reserve hits nail on head

    Business 29 15:37

  • AMD wins NEC deal

    But claim to eight out of ten OEMs should really be seven

    Business 29 15:38

  • Worldwide PC market grew 15 per cent in 1998

    Dataquest says Compaq top PC dog, but Satan's dog Dell still giving them Hell

    Business 29 15:42

  • Faster Celerons released faster

    433MHz swiftly followed by 466MHz, while Intel introduces price fork on Slot 1 vs PPGA

    Business 29 16:21

  • Price of Pentium II mobiles plummets

    It's the new ones, you see...

    Business 29 17:18