28th January 1999 Archive

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  • Does MS internal email confirm Explorer can be removed?

    It certainly seems to contain a useful list of which files do what - can we all have it now please?

    Business 28 09:51

  • Judge quizzes Maritz over browser separation

    Maritz decided not to separate them, but that suggests it was feasible

    Business 28 10:24

  • A year ago: Microsoft moves to square European Commission

    Peace in our time, EU commissioners allege

    Business 28 10:46

  • Softbank makes $12 billion from Web – on paper

    Nice get if you can work it...

    Business 28 11:00

  • Korean strikes destroying country's IT business

    Strikes at LG and Daewoo causing US customers to run

    Business 28 11:11

  • Sony to sue Connectix over PlayStation emulator

    Emulator violates copyrights, intellectual property, claims Japanese giant

    Business 28 11:21

  • Dell using Linux as educational spearhead

    It's committed to NT, except not completely

    Business 28 11:27

  • Net addicts to get online treatment

    What next, AA meetings to be held in the pub?

    Business 28 11:41

  • Intel applies fork technique toThe Register

    Ouch, ouch and ouch again

    Business 28 11:45

  • Euro strikers hit out at call charges

    If you don’t play fair we’ll take our ball back

    Business 28 12:07

  • And talking of Kicking Pat Gelsinger…as we were..

    ..someone should write his biog

    Business 28 12:12

  • Apple ordered to face patent trial

    Quit stalling, demands judge

    Business 28 12:12

  • Intel's Merced undercut by Compaq's Alpha

    Volume will arrive when the daffodils are blooming

    Business 28 12:33

  • Mother Shipton discredited by Intel

    It's all a scam, claims Chip Goliath

    Business 28 12:51

  • ICL issues call to arms

    Everyone likes a man in uniform

    Business 28 13:03

  • Geofox went bust but where's the IP?

    Nifty little EPOC handheld lost in cyberspace

    Business 28 13:19

  • Motorola to debut 450MHz PowerPC G4 next month

    Oh, and IBM will have a 580MHz part to show, too

    Business 28 16:01

  • MS Word ate my deposition

    Maybe the style checker just took a big dislike to the way it was written

    Business 28 16:17

  • Distributors get fruity over sale of iMacs

    Any colour you like, so long as you buy loads of 'em

    Business 28 16:48

  • Racing software blag turns sour

    Odds-on you'd have to be an idiot to fall for that sort of thing anyway

    Business 28 17:02

  • Motorola sells smartcard logic division

    Atmel takes over technology, assets

    Business 28 17:06

  • AOL sees huge hike in profit

    ISP in upbeat mood -- who wouldn't be?

    Business 28 17:13

  • Hyundai workers down tools in sympathy with LG Semicon

    Is it a general strike?

    Business 28 17:21

  • Recycling company gets trashed

    Contract goes bad - causes Decom to review operations

    Business 28 17:25

  • BT's startup scheme for small businesses goes belly up

    Down for half the week, claims entrepreneur

    Business 28 17:40

  • Procom pulls rug from under rivals

    Claims to be first to market with plug 'n' play storage unit

    Business 28 17:53

  • Microsoft leapfrogs to top of FT500

    Basks in reflected glory of IT sector

    Business 28 18:11

  • Yahoo! swoops on GeoCities

    The eyes have it in deal for virtual bums on seats

    Business 28 18:19

  • MP3 distributors threatened with patent suit

    Pay a one per cent royalty, MP3ers, or we'll take you to the cleaners...

    Business 28 18:23