27th January 1999 Archive

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  • A year ago: Compaq poised for all-out war on IBM

    We analyse the Digital take over

    Business 27 08:29

  • Windows refunds and the law

    We look at some of the possibilities of Windows Refund Day

    Business 27 09:12

  • Embrace and smother – how the MS strategy works

    Maritz nearly admits he said that, and we look at the mechanisms that underlie the approach

    Business 27 09:33

  • Intel's Merced is undead

    It's not brown bread and samples will ship in June

    Business 27 10:59

  • Banshee leads 3Dfx revenue surge

    But it can't scream about profits

    Business 27 11:19

  • Creative Labs spins multiple music player plans

    We're doing a digital music player. Oh no we're not. Oh yes we are (repeat ad nauseam)...

    Business 27 11:34

  • Amazon Q4 sales go through the canopy

    But will shoppers side with more familiar brands?

    Business 27 11:48

  • Intel hit by price protection scam

    Avnet suspends staff amid allegations of foul play

    Business 27 11:53

  • Tick, tock – it's overclock time again

    Are Celeron's clock locked? Yes they are

    Business 27 12:10

  • Sex change Webcast postponed at last minute

    Patient said to be at risk -- surely not?

    Business 27 12:14

  • MIPS wins Toshiba and NEC

    Ten year agreements for 64-bit Ruby

    Business 27 12:21

  • Internet Technology Group goes Dutch with acquisition

    Snaps up Dutch ISP to make play for European business

    Business 27 12:37

  • Apple to honour free support pledge

    Move follows FTC deceptive advertising enquiry

    Business 27 12:43

  • RealNetworks loss shrinks, revenues double

    Outlook good despite loss of Microsoft stake

    Business 27 13:09

  • Microsoft modifies temporary worker contracts

    Well, sort of...

    Business 27 13:52

  • Linux to get first commercial game release

    Civ III for Linux to coincide with Windows version

    Business 27 14:09

  • Linux in-car MP3 system to ship in March

    UK company ready to begin production after passing FCC, CE tests

    Business 27 14:41

  • Cyrix Jalapeno to go standalone

    But it's gonna be a while

    Business 27 15:24

  • Compaq results show steep gain

    Eck did well... flipping Eck

    Business 27 15:45

  • Linux to become a ‘core OS’ for HP, SGI

    Both companies to offer Linux-based Intel servers -- HP to develop Linux for Merced

    Business 27 16:12

  • Developer claims 3D TV breakthrough

    Set-top box creates stereoscopic 3D images without glasses

    Business 27 16:46

  • Internet Shopper changes its name

    The word Gordano says more about its identity, apparently

    Business 27 18:08

  • Datatec continues its UK buy-up bender

    More Rands flow into the channel

    Business 27 18:09

  • Irish domain company hit by political hackers

    Supporters of Indonesia’s occupation of East Timor force Web host to pull plugs

    Business 27 18:10

  • MS claims plans for browser integration predate Gates' birth

    Well not exactly, but you no doubt get our drift...

    Business 27 20:52