26th January 1999 Archive

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  • Maritz confirms and denies MS threat over Mac Office

    There's a narrow denial concerning IE, and a broader confirmation on IP

    Business 26 09:25

  • A year ago: Mips had its chips as Compaq-Tandem flips

    Andy Grove forced to get out of bed in pyjamas - again

    Business 26 09:44

  • Symantec chief seeks replacement

    He's got vision

    Business 26 10:29

  • MS plans two for one stock split

    We number-crunch the share price history of the gold mine

    Business 26 11:05

  • Creative Labs to offer digital music player

    But first it's waiting for the music industry to get the formats sorted out

    Business 26 11:21

  • Lycos CEO claims partnership ‘not imminent’

    Cross-media promotional deal with media/telecoms operation still some way off

    Business 26 11:42

  • Intel changes its mind on PIII numbers

    Caves in under US media bombardment

    Business 26 11:59

  • UK Tandy stores sold to phone firm

    We'll miss those plugs and sockets

    Business 26 12:06

  • ATI unveils Rage 128-based All-in-Wonder card

    It'll turn your PC into a digital VCR, claims vendor

    Business 26 12:08

  • LG workers go on strike

    Yet another world-beating scoop from your news wire upstarts

    Business 26 12:18

  • Compaq moves closer toward Alta Vista spin off

    Portal set to go it alone and you read it here first

    Business 26 12:28

  • Simply Computers subject of takeover speculation

    Reseller targeted by US giant

    Business 26 12:32

  • Compaq preps colour Windows CE Palm beater

    Palmtop available for licensing too -- HP already signed

    Business 26 12:40

  • Microsoft invests in UK cable firm

    Creates the link between Bill Gates and Newcastle United

    Business 26 12:41

  • S3's Q4, fiscal 98 losses widen

    But it's betting on Intel patent cross-licence for future glory

    Business 26 13:08

  • Sony, Sun to sign with Symbian?

    It's about time another big win was announced - maybe they'll sing at CEBit

    Business 26 13:27

  • Maxtor shipments surge

    And inventory is flat

    Business 26 13:30

  • Cost cutting pays off for Adaptec

    Hails Dell design win

    Business 26 13:34

  • Sony calls to ARM for PocketStation

    Is that a Station in your Pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?

    Business 26 13:36

  • STMicroelectronics profits ease

    Bullish for 1999 prospects

    Business 26 13:38

  • Symbian cellular allies and Palm back Sun's Jini

    So go buy those shares before we tell everybody...

    Business 26 14:17

  • Windows NT could triple enterprise upgrade costs – report

    Giga has come up with a spectacular slagging-off of NT's current capabilities. Novell must be pleased...

    Business 26 14:55