25th January 1999 Archive

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  • Four years ago: Intel-AMD settle

    After the war is over...

    Business 25 08:33

  • The Intel and MS wrangle over MMX IP

    Not the right time to help Intel make x86 more proprietary - Maritz

    Business 25 09:24

  • MS to see AOL-Netscape deal documents

    The works, including a tempting 'advertising services agreement'

    Business 25 09:43

  • Intel introduces PII/mobiles, PII/Celerons

    Level two cache on die

    Business 25 09:58

  • Dixons restructures – Freeserve goes it alone

    Currys, PC World, Dixons Retail have separate management

    Business 25 10:06

  • How MS feared Intel would ‘stomp’ on AMD 3D instructions

    And how Bill might have traded AMD support for a Java-free Intel

    Business 25 10:20

  • Intel and whole world confused over Celeron Slot One direction

    300A is overclockable and will disappear. Slot One will stay. And there's a shortage of 370 Socket parts...

    Business 25 10:45

  • OEMs can switch off PIII serial numbers – Intel

    Meanwhile, US privacy furore roars on

    Business 25 11:15

  • nVidia IPO a success

    Shares nearly double in value before close of first day's trading

    Business 25 11:33

  • MP3 companies to launch anti-piracy coalition

    UPDATED Is it just part of Liquid Audio's plan for world domination?

    Business 25 12:16

  • Web service acts as dating agency for resellers and disties

    Everyone sounds keen, but will they do the business?

    Business 25 12:26

  • Adaptec, GoodNoise develop consumer MP3 system

    Allows manufacturers to offer MP3-aware hi-fi

    Business 25 12:51

  • ISP set to win an Oscar

    The Register goes to the movies

    Business 25 12:52

  • BBC proves content is king on the Web

    But portals seen as starting point when it comes to surfing

    Business 25 14:11

  • Anti-Apple FireWire firms propose alternative spec

    Developers eliminate Apple patents -- but how quickly can they deploy it?

    Business 25 14:16

  • Judge tangles with MS witness over ‘monopoly’

    Analogies become more and more bizarre, as Schmalensee finishes up

    Business 25 15:58

  • AMD Dresden to produce K7s only

    Fab 30 on a roll, Fab 25 on Sharptooth, so maybe Compaq will use it...

    Business 25 16:27

  • Intel's lousy software III – MS says it has enough of its own

    Sunk in VXD hell, Microsoft felt it just couldn't deal with any more crap...

    Business 25 16:41

  • Rock Group plays sweet music to woo channel

    Direct notebook vendor sniffs out indirect route

    Business 25 16:45

  • Apple UK to terminate reseller contracts

    Dealers can re-sign, but only if they guarantee sales

    Business 25 16:51

  • Sex change op to be broadcast on the Web

    There's hacking, and then there's hacking off...

    Business 25 16:51

  • AMD a reluctant serial number player

    Cyrix does not say yes -- there's no decision yet

    Business 25 16:52

  • Rest of European press get trashed by Intel

    Holland, Hungary, Scandinavia, SA, Poland et al -- this is the Full Monty

    Business 25 17:25

  • Datatec snaps up US dealership

    Willing to pay more than $100 million

    Business 25 17:52

  • AOL to spread the word through your letterbox

    Wants to eat Freeserve's lunch

    Business 25 18:17