22nd January 1999 Archive

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  • Magee exposed as liar

    That's what a fibber is, isn't it?

    Business 22 00:01

  • A year ago: Compaq gets Net knickers in a terrible twist

    Report suggests U-turn from Great Satan of HairStyles

    Business 22 08:38

  • Industry at crossroads – PCA report

    But speakers have different ideas

    Business 22 10:00

  • UK trade show wins exhibitors' praise

    Six thousand dealers tip up in Birmingham

    Business 22 10:01

  • Cyrix teams up with Phoenix

    Information appliances en route

    Business 22 10:19

  • Euro journalists get Intel treatment

    French and Germans hacks treated differently

    Business 22 10:36

  • Watch out – here comes Windows $2000

    Witness argues Windows would cost $2000 if Microsoft really ruled the world. Start worrying...

    Business 22 10:39

  • Biggest ever haul of bogus software uncovered

    Great Dane piracy ring brought to book

    Business 22 12:56

  • AMD pushes date of K6-3D forward

    Meanwhile Gateway tipped to use chip

    Business 22 12:59

  • Maritz deposition suffers mysterious leakage

    A news wire seems to have remarkably detailed expectation of what it's going to say

    Business 22 13:10

  • Euro appointments for Datrontech

    Distie bolsters Central European operations with two managing directors

    Business 22 13:13

  • Updated: Cyrix decides to socket and see

    The MX is a fast 370 pin part. So what about Socket Seven?

    Business 22 13:50

  • Memory sees first profit in five years

    Sales increase six-fold to pep up figures

    Business 22 13:58

  • 3Com readies Palm IIIx two months before Palm V is due

    Go figure...

    Business 22 14:09

  • Apricot says heave-ho to 200 employees

    Outsources motherboard production,shuts down Germany, sets up dealership

    Business 22 14:31

  • Portal Excited by good figures

    Turnover up, hits up, everyone up-beat

    Business 22 15:04

  • iMac topped last quarter's PC sales

    Or did it?

    Business 22 15:14

  • Iomega returns to profitability, begins reorganisation

    Two senior execs call it quits as storage firm announces it made money in Q4 98.

    Business 22 15:18

  • Web companies see stocks fall

    Stock markets' love affair with the Internet could be on the rocks

    Business 22 15:45

  • Microsoft advises mock-police on software theft

    Gregory to play The Bill

    Business 22 15:58

  • Siemens has week to pay up…

    ...or else Mandelson owes UK plc £50 million

    Business 22 16:17

  • Dodgy MS data undermines Schmalensee

    And the judge reminds him he's on oath. There's a worry...

    Business 22 16:23

  • Ex-Digital resellers up in arms

    Compaq issues ultimatum -- sorry offer they can't refuse

    Business 22 16:52

  • Spanish journalists get Intel dictat

    Russian ones get treated like suits, Israel doesn't

    Business 22 17:05