21st January 1999 Archive

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  • Corel spins off Linux hardware business

    Does this threaten NetWinder's prospects as a Windows challenger?

    Business 21 10:54

  • China jails software developer for selling email addresses

    Two years in chokey for passing 30,000 addresses to US civil rights group

    Business 21 10:58

  • S3 retires Virge

    Once-popular line dropped to allow company to focus on Savage3D

    Business 21 11:16

  • Witness claims MS keeps sales data on handwritten bits of paper

    So it hasn't the foggiest notion how much money it makes from Windows. Hint: check the share price

    Business 21 11:18

  • Lycos seeks investment partner, preferably non-smoker

    Portal offers 20 per cent stake in return for cross-media promotional deal

    Business 21 11:44

  • IT chiefs make loadsamoney – official

    We are considerably richer than you, says CEOs. Tell us something we don't know...

    Business 21 11:44

  • HP exec to MS: we'd dump Windows if we could

    An everyday tale of love among the OEM contracts...

    Business 21 11:53

  • Intel to pour $100 million into Samsung

    Great Stan dangles investment carrot to tempt vendors into Rambus DRAM production

    Business 21 12:00

  • Intel antitrust action delayed till March

    Rumours that it's because of a Microsoft-inspired lawyer shortage unfounded

    Business 21 12:26

  • Intel adds serial numbers, random numbers to PIII

    And let's hope the floating-point numbers work too, ahem...

    Business 21 12:31

  • MS cunning plan makes people register

    Use it 50 times without and you're dead

    Business 21 15:39

  • Datrontech's Mr Intel jumps ship to join former boss

    Evans welcomes Davison on board and snaps up e-commerce firm to boot

    Business 21 15:41

  • Microsoft at Work reappears like Phoenix in Birmingham

    Product in a briefcase... what next?

    Business 21 15:54

  • Compaq results due today – maybe

    There's no brain draining out of Eck's hair

    Business 21 16:33

  • Schmalensee trips on DoJ banana skins

    Government lawyer lays his traps, and MS' witness walks right in

    Business 21 16:38

  • ITG to boost wins DTI licences

    Expands telecoms networks

    Business 21 17:20

  • US papal visit site defends dodgy advertising

    The right to promote pornography is a constitutional matter, it seems

    Business 21 17:23

  • Break-up fee agreed if Excite deal falls through

    @Home set to pick up a cool $200 million

    Business 21 17:36

  • Intel's Grove attacks UK journalism

    Instructions deal with the whole of Europe

    Business 21 21:32