20th January 1999 Archive

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  • Microsoft earnings hit new records – keep it quiet though

    Staggeringly good numbers, but we don't want the wrong people getting staggered...

    Business 20 09:34

  • Intel apologises to Dixons for high price jibe

    But UK retailer still after pound of Fujitsu's flesh

    Business 20 11:28

  • 3Com and MS team to build NT into networking gear

    And the alliance seems to put the pair squarely in competition with Intel

    Business 20 11:57

  • Research into cost of Web access shown to be wrong

    Six month old survey fails to take world's fastest growing ISP into account -- whoops!

    Business 20 12:08

  • Linux drives growth of server OS market

    And that probably explains why everyone's buying fewer PC servers

    Business 20 12:30

  • Citrix and ASPs to build on Microsoft licensing changes

    Now MS allows concurrent use across the Web, they're making their move

    Business 20 12:39

  • Sun signs Sony, Philips to bring Jini into the home

    Home networking alliance planned to score one over rival Microsoft offering

    Business 20 13:35

  • Online organiser Jumps at chance to make your life less hectic

    Latest in long line claims to be unique -- they all are, aren't they?

    Business 20 14:44

  • IBM to offer Rambus alternative

    Our customers want PC133, so we'll ship it, says Big Blue

    Business 20 14:56

  • Online jobs site looking to boost share of market

    One of few Web ventures claiming to be making money

    Business 20 14:57

  • Western Digital to cut 750 jobs

    Q2 loss forces company to extend cost-cutting scheme with plant closure

    Business 20 15:13

  • 56-bit crypto code cracked in a day

    Previous record of 56 hours beaten hands down

    Business 20 15:35

  • Microsoft witness claims Netscape browser share hardly fell at all

    Which means that a lot of earlier published Microsoft market share data must be rubbish...

    Business 20 15:38

  • We're neck-and-neck with Yahoo!, claims Lycos

    But it's still way behind AOL when it comes to Web visitors

    Business 20 16:00

  • Energis to become takeover target

    Sale by National Grid will open door to future bids

    Business 20 16:27

  • IBM and AMD join Microsoft-led home standards group

    Windows for lightbulbs gains general acceptance, apparently. And why does Compaq join everything?

    Business 20 16:52

  • Pat Boone to front Arizona Y2K campaign

    Experience of outdated records probably helps...

    Business 20 17:14

  • Ideal signs up Soyo

    Move marks a return to motherboard business

    Business 20 18:37

  • Maxdata moves into notebooks

    German flotation due in June

    Business 20 18:39

  • Microtronica unites with MMD and Multichip

    Single grouping to address four channels

    Business 20 18:40

  • Revolving door hits Compaq server manager

    The path to HP is getting a little worn

    Business 20 18:42

  • Intel to launch high speed home network products

    Didn't MS and 3Com just say they were doing that too?

    Business 20 19:18