19th January 1999 Archive

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  • Microsoft to bundle Terminal Server with Windows 2000

    And the new prices are a positive initiative, not a collapse. Honest.

    Business 19 06:37

  • Windows 2000 ship dates slip some more

    And now it can't go any further back without running into 2000 - isn't that exciting, readers?

    Business 19 07:03

  • Europe versus US wireless war looms

    The sound of rattling sabres is becoming positively deafening

    Business 19 07:34

  • A year ago: FTC won't give up on Intel

    Arrogant dragon may have cause to repent

    Business 19 08:20

  • Matsushita slams DVD+RW gang of three

    Claims the only products available are press releases

    Business 19 10:53

  • Merger makes Excite feel @Home

    UPDATED: Portal snapped up by high speed service provider

    Business 19 11:15

  • Pentium III out of the bag

    Hardware site reviews the chip ahead of time

    Business 19 11:19

  • Apple's FireWire licensing – the debate rages

    Is Apple now getting an easy ride on others' investments? Register readers have their say

    Business 19 11:40

  • Nvidia to IPO on 22 January

    3D firm's shares expected to rocket

    Business 19 11:57

  • Info'Products staff keep in touch via Web

    As legal case hots up, Web site helps former employees unite

    Business 19 12:09

  • Linux user wins refund for unwanted Windows 95

    I don't want Windows, and Microsoft's licence says I can have my money back, says user

    Business 19 12:10

  • Hyundai rejects LG contract demands

    Seven year contracts for workers ruled out

    Business 19 12:26

  • Musicians demand EU protect copyright on the Net

    European Parliament will address copyright in the Net age tomorrow

    Business 19 12:42

  • Ecommerce sites ignore customer satisfaction

    Survey reveals lack of consumer loyalty

    Business 19 12:47

  • Transmeta chip to arrive by Q4

    ...and IBM Micro will flog the mobile Java part

    Business 19 12:47

  • Lotus announces Notes, Domino for Linux

    Collaboration software due later this year as commercial release

    Business 19 13:08

  • Serious Fraud Office gives Azlan clean bill of health

    Investigation reveals nothing untoward after all

    Business 19 13:09

  • Intel to hire White House lobbyist

    FTC case not as trivial as it claims?

    Business 19 13:22

  • Intel takes $30.5 million chunk of PictureTel

    PC products en route

    Business 19 13:23

  • Intel, chip-set vendors prepare for Rambus shortage

    Alternative technologies line up to ease OEMs' transition to Direct DRAM

    Business 19 13:35

  • Onsale flogs new PCs at zero margin

    How low can you go?

    Business 19 13:42

  • End of the line for fine.com

    UK office bites bullet after less than a year

    Business 19 15:36

  • Mr Net Nanny awarded by online angels

    Recognition for anti-porn filtering software

    Business 19 15:53

  • Microsoft piracy buster trashes software and reputation

    Don't ask...

    Business 19 16:33

  • AMD to make Compaq Alphas?

    The saga continues...

    Business 19 17:16

  • Cash boost for CHS

    IBM extends additional credit

    Business 19 17:52

  • DoJ quizzes MS ‘expert’ economist

    Is Schmalensee just trotting out the Microsoft script?

    Business 19 18:20

  • So who is this Schmalensee guy anyway?

    Graham probes the background to Microsofts economics expert

    Business 19 18:23