18th January 1999 Archive

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  • MS is NOT price gouging on Windows – DoJ expert

    But he still suspects nefarious purposes...

    Business 18 11:03

  • MS moves to strike some of new DoJ exhibits

    But it doesn't look likely to get them all

    Business 18 11:04

  • What is it Microsoft wants the court to keep secret?

    Read the transcripts surrounding the secret session, and you find some pointers...

    Business 18 11:07

  • Mobile Celerons soon to arrive

    Intel aims at low and high end notebooks

    Business 18 11:56

  • Warning: Outlook Express can damage your postcards

    Judge makes MS post postcard health warning on Web site

    Business 18 15:30

  • MS and Intel head for clash over graphics?

    Software Satan's alliance with SGI may hold terrors for Chip Satan

    Business 18 15:55

  • United Nations targets child porn

    Problem needs global action

    Business 18 16:01

  • MP4 launched as successor to MP3 music format

    But it's not MPEG -- and it's probably not needed, either

    Business 18 16:06

  • New directors join distributor, by Osmosis

    Easier than by photosynthesis, anyway

    Business 18 16:23

  • Apple to bid for PlayStation emulator outfit?

    Someone's rumoured to be after Connectix, and Apple might be good fit

    Business 18 16:25

  • HP's real-time Java breakaways lose key support vote

    National Committee for Information Technology Standards says 'no' to non-Sun Java

    Business 18 16:28

  • Gates TV – the final instalment

    The world mourns as Bill's final clips hit the public domain...

    Business 18 16:42

  • Leading airline favours Web for ticket sales

    Big savings expected from ecommerce

    Business 18 16:51

  • UK Net advertising revenue up 300 per cent

    Net ads monitor expects rest of year's ad spend to be even higher

    Business 18 17:20

  • China tackles Internet

    Oh what a tangled Web we weave

    Business 18 17:22

  • Demon censured for ‘biggest UK ISP’ claims

    AOL wins official recognition that it's bigger than Demon, while FreeServe chuckles at them both

    Business 18 17:37

  • Apologia

    We're human -- we have server problems too, you know

    Business 18 18:33

  • Compaq slashes Alpha server prices

    What a surprise

    Business 18 18:51

  • MS Terminal Server policy collapses

    Beset by raging corporate customers, Redmond is running up the white flag

    Business 18 19:44