15th January 1999 Archive

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  • MS gets into trouble with another judge

    For some reason, he's been implying to the attorneys that their client is outrageously arrogant...

    Business 15 09:27

  • MS expert used Gates-inspired dodgy survey figures

    Bill 'Enver Hoxha' Gates came up with the results, then they did the survey

    Business 15 09:33

  • A year ago: Katmai lands amongst pigeons

    Great Stan tells journalists something

    Business 15 09:41

  • Microsoft leaks Merced details

    So much for detente...

    Business 15 10:04

  • MIPS chips dismisseth us

    Oh dear, oh dear -- Cray platforms for artists...

    Business 15 10:29

  • LG Semi strikes threatened

    They're not happy workers in bunny suits

    Business 15 10:43

  • Libel poses problems for UK ISP

    But mirror sites still carry allegations

    Business 15 11:24

  • Electronic Arts recalls golf game invaded by South Parkers

    Oh my god, they killed Tiger Woods. Bastards...

    Business 15 12:34

  • Greek users strike over access charge hike

    Beware of Greeks bearing GIFs...

    Business 15 13:08

  • Rambus profits, revenue up

    But don't expect any further growth for a while, warns memory specialist

    Business 15 13:54

  • Integration sucks

    Taylor Made

    Business 15 14:01

  • The King and IBM

    IBM gives channel the Horn over handheld device -- shock!

    Business 15 14:42

  • WH Smith sets sights on becoming portal

    Recent acquisitions point in direction of online trading

    Business 15 14:59

  • Freeserve – the goose that laid Dixons' golden egg

    Floating the world's fastest-growing ISP would bring huge rewards

    Business 15 15:07

  • Microsoft denies NT failed crypto tests

    But some form of compliant module appears to be in the works anyway...

    Business 15 15:23

  • France to end severe encryption restrictions

    Liberte, egalite, fraternite... cryptologie

    Business 15 15:43

  • Xmas e-commerce turned out to be a turkey after all

    UK spending online barely registers on the radar. No surprises there then...

    Business 15 15:53

  • Apple caught charging crafty FireWire fee

    But at just $1 a port, what really is the fuss all about?

    Business 15 16:34

  • AMD screws up on lithography

    Expensive $50 million mistake

    Business 15 17:50

  • 1400 Compaq-DEC jobs disapparu in France

    Ooh la la

    Business 15 17:57