14th January 1999 Archive

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  • Corel ships Linux/ARM-based departmental server

    The NetWinder strategy proceeds apace, and this one looks particularly tasty

    Business 14 09:13

  • MS attorney caught plying witness with Linux numbers

    Judge tells them to cut it out - Chinese walls, we've heard of them...

    Business 14 09:15

  • Compaq goes back to school

    Wants slice of the education market

    Business 14 10:26

  • Record sales for AMD but analysts disappointed

    Chip maker now claims presence in 16 per cent of all PCs

    Business 14 11:03

  • ‘Make people use Explorer’ – Gates email

    The latest email deluge shows Bill leveraging the OS again. Tsk...

    Business 14 11:37

  • Apple chalks up $123 million Q1 profit

    High holiday iMac sales fuel strong growth

    Business 14 11:54

  • NT fails US government crypto tests

    Shortcomings in the CryptoAPIs, so brace yourself for Service Pack 5...

    Business 14 12:17

  • India issues red alert against US security software

    US crypto export rules mean their software isn't safe, warns Defence organisation

    Business 14 12:22

  • Many-coloured iMacs upset dealers

    The Register saves the day

    Business 14 13:10

  • VAT-busters target business on the Web

    Illegal traders warned they cannot hide in Cyberspace

    Business 14 13:12

  • Marimba prepares for IPO

    Once-feted push provider capitalises on new corporate application management focus

    Business 14 13:12

  • Analyst slams Softbank Yahoo! and ZD dealings

    Claims our old friends at ZD work for a "debt-bloated carcass." Oh dear...

    Business 14 13:16

  • Oracle sets up fund to help Web developers of tomorrow

    Not as philanthropic as it sounds though

    Business 14 13:59

  • ATI reports record Q1 sales, profits

    Rage Pro Turbo, Rage 128 lead sales to PC vendors

    Business 14 14:08

  • Chips are up for Acer

    Deal with SST to bring welcome cash boost

    Business 14 14:42

  • Norway hacks off Net community

    How liberal?

    Business 14 16:53

  • Ascend shareholders attempt to nix Lucent deal

    Lawsuits filed to block merger

    Business 14 16:54

  • Redundancy hits Elcom staff

    Reseller warns UK IT sector not recession-proof

    Business 14 17:14

  • German ISDN vendor eyes UK channel

    Falling prices set to boost UK market

    Business 14 17:36

  • Microsoft appeals Java injunction

    Claims judge made technical errors in granting it

    Business 14 19:04