13th January 1999 Archive

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  • Judge reserves rights to unseal MS pricing data

    Perhaps he's considering exposure as one of the possible remedies?

    Business 13 10:39

  • MS pricing strategy exposed – cheap when there's competition, but…

    Prices can go up as well as down, depending on competition...

    Business 13 10:41

  • Squaddies to make up IT skills shortfall

    Booting up takes on completely new meaning

    Business 13 11:06

  • Top chip companies took major hit in 98

    A couple of them held the line, but the Far East went South. As it were...

    Business 13 11:08

  • Motorola licenses Citrix for wireless apps

    For some US packet radio system first, but the deal looks more promising in the longer term

    Business 13 11:26

  • Lucent and Ascend tie the knot at last

    Cisco not likely to be celebrating

    Business 13 11:55

  • AMD K7 set to ship on 23 June

    Processor meets deadline by skin of its teeth

    Business 13 12:07

  • MS can control prices because it's ‘the only game in town’ – expert

    So OEMs can complain, but they have to buy anyway, whatever the price

    Business 13 12:09

  • French users call second Net boycott

    Surfers maintain pressure on France Telecom to cut call charges

    Business 13 12:21

  • Dixons sees sales and profit grow

    Things not that bad on the high street after all, then

    Business 13 12:30

  • Yahoo! Q4 results beat Wall Street predictions

    Annual revenues up nearly 300 per cent

    Business 13 12:42

  • MS witness cites Linux advance in OEM channel

    But as it turns out, it's nothing you hadn't heard already...

    Business 13 12:52

  • ML Integration buys itself a piece of telephony channel

    Takes on vendor's subsidiary

    Business 13 12:53

  • AMD releases Mobile K6-2

    Toshiba, not Compaq, first to support notebook-oriented CPU

    Business 13 13:46

  • Freeserve to hit one million accounts soon

    Excitement may be short-lived

    Business 13 13:53

  • Iomega gobbles up SyQuest for $9.5 million

    Storage giant nabs former rival's technology, but leaves its liabilities

    Business 13 14:15

  • PCI-X Gang of Three challenges Intel with Future I/O

    The next generation bus standard, they say, but it won't ship till 2002

    Business 13 14:29

  • Bus wars loom as Intel and PC outfits form rival SIGs

    The server big three look tough, but Intel seems to be pulling a flanker on ship dates

    Business 13 14:34

  • News Corp mogul talks down the Web

    Follows hard on heels of launch of The Guardian's new site

    Business 13 14:56

  • Cyrix releases new M II price list

    ...with immediate effect

    Business 13 15:24

  • PC sales rebound in 1999

    US corporates, western consumers drive growth

    Business 13 15:35

  • Dell joins Compaq in mass storage premier league

    The big shall get bigger

    Business 13 15:39

  • Yahoo! takes pot shot at marijuana look-a-like

    Not just PR puff -- this is serious shit

    Business 13 15:55

  • Schools hit by pirated Novell software

    Reseller passing off illegal copies of NetWare

    Business 13 17:04

  • Advertising watchdog okays Compaq Y2K claims

    PC companies only responsible for their hardware -- not the system as a whole

    Business 13 17:42

  • Intel makes more money than playing Monopoly

    Who can save us now from the Great Satan of Chips?

    Business 13 19:09