12th January 1999 Archive

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  • Microsoft catches up with counterfeit software

    Biggest ever haul of pirate CDs recovered

    Business 12 10:59

  • Acer postpones share issue again

    Can't seem to shake off that Asian flu

    Business 12 11:28

  • The chips are no longer down

    Worldwide sales on increase last year

    Business 12 12:00

  • HP machines with Celeron inside ship this week

    Prices and spec for UK unveiled

    Business 12 12:04

  • Class action hits latest Intel acquisition

    iCAT shareholders up in arms

    Business 12 12:36

  • Korean outfit unleashes $399 PC on US

    Emachines is aiming to shift 300,000 units in Q1

    Business 12 12:50

  • MS didn't hurt nobody, and anyway it was scared – defence witness

    Richard Schmalensee's deposition is heroic in both scale and, surely, chutzpah

    Business 12 13:33

  • UFOs claim Web CEO's scalp

    There was a rushing noise, a blinding flash, and my job vanished...

    Business 12 14:57

  • Microsoft to roll out defence today

    With another motion for dismissal, Graham reckons...

    Business 12 15:38

  • ALi licenses Rambus technology

    Aims to produce chipsets for consumer PCs during 1999

    Business 12 16:22

  • Resellers hit by legal action

    Compel and Info'Products targeted by laid-off staff

    Business 12 16:52

  • Semiconductor firm launches MP3 chip-set for set-tops

    Silicon will also add MP3 support to hi-fi systems

    Business 12 17:01

  • Speculation mounts over Lucent and Ascend

    Acquisition set to rival Cisco

    Business 12 17:02

  • Leading UK reseller to promote different approach to ecommerce

    Aims to establish global platform

    Business 12 17:14

  • Love is in the air

    Barry White would know what to do in this situation

    Business 12 17:23

  • Mistaken missive gets man sacked at Bible society

    Case highlights pitfalls of e-mail

    Business 12 17:34

  • Lotto Co to raise £12.5m for Web game promo

    Balls beat computer in lottery draw

    Business 12 17:50

  • Sun sets sights on telecomms

    Joint launch in New York and Bagshot, twin centres of the IT universe

    Business 12 17:59

  • Sun, IBM lead telecoms Java alliance

    JAIN to take Java into telecommunications intelligent networks

    Business 12 19:57

  • MS starts network counterattack with BackOffice 4.5 beta

    Remote management, remote consoles, remote configuration, automation... Win 2K, anyone?

    Business 12 19:59

  • Censors strike MS testimony

    Some blank has been blanking all the blanking numbers from the boffin's 328 blanking pages...

    Business 12 21:46

  • MS cites 960 per cent Linux growth rate in defence

    At that velocity, Linux will pass Windows RSN. Wonder if Schmalensee's figured that?

    Business 12 21:48