11th January 1999 Archive

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  • A year ago: Intel goes like clappers

    Yearly results show rest of industry has lots to learn

    Business 11 07:57

  • FTC attempting to widen case against Intel

    In run-up to trial, other vendors get calls

    Business 11 11:08

  • Dell moves to keep MS OEM numbers under wraps

    The figures will be dealt with in closed court session today, and Dell wants to keep it closed

    Business 11 11:32

  • Compaq-AMD Alpha plans take Linux shape

    Documents show Alpha will enter sub-$1,000 level

    Business 11 11:38

  • DoJ expert sums up case against Microsoft

    Fisher's testimony might have been more contemporary, but it's still a serious charge-sheet

    Business 11 12:00

  • Acorn falls off education tree

    Sells its half of Xemplar to Apple

    Business 11 12:23

  • Symbian deal lays ground for Web wireless standards

    The components for the phone of the future are slowly being assembled

    Business 11 12:32

  • Chip company offers 30x PCI boost

    Sebring claims networking extension to standard PCI

    Business 11 12:39

  • Apache beats-off MS challenge with ease

    The open source Web server leader remains... the open source Web server leader

    Business 11 12:54

  • Hyundai to raise more Maxtor money

    But LG horsetrading will delay semiconductor takeover

    Business 11 12:55

  • MS lashes-out at economist's testimony

    Judging by the response, Fisher may have touched a few nerves...

    Business 11 13:15

  • Troubled AST finds new owner

    Samsung ready to wash hands of loss-making PC subsidiary

    Business 11 13:28

  • UK ISP takes anti-spam crusade to US

    Not so spamtastic as it sounds

    Business 11 13:31

  • MS attorney lays siege to Fisher

    A long, boring session looked like investment for an appeal

    Business 11 13:32

  • US viewers get TV on demand

    One in the handheld is worth two in the VCR

    Business 11 13:51

  • MS judge waxes poetical

    His sudden interest in haiku error messages could be grounds for an MS appeal...

    Business 11 13:51

  • Pentium III: year-old story dead at last

    Whew...Katmai gone forever

    Business 11 14:01

  • Papal visit attracts pornographer’s attentions

    Is that one of the stations of the cross in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me

    Business 11 14:04

  • Cream pies cheaper than upgrade

    Windows everywhere but cream pies not allowed..

    Bootnotes 11 16:27

  • Met Nets wanted man

    Three-year man hunt ends in arrest

    Business 11 16:30

  • Banyan and MS get it together

    Couldn't face that Novell stuff

    Business 11 16:53

  • Sybase sheds jobs in attempt to boost figures

    More cutbacks at database vendor

    Business 11 16:53

  • Meet The Register in persons

    We're gonna be round and about...

    Business 11 17:47

  • Alta Vista set to go it alone

    Compaq buys online shopping site - fuels speculation over portal sell off

    Business 11 17:53

  • Cyrix now wins Tempo and John Lewis

    Never knowingly undersoldered

    Business 11 18:15