8th January 1999 Archive

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  • Scottish Parliament! Pick up this Digital Point

    There must be some money out of Compaq somewhere, surely?

    Business 08 00:43

  • And while we're on the subject of pre and post sleaze

    What's happened to the £50 million Siemens owes us and Mandelson?

    Business 08 00:48

  • Intel warns against overclocking new Celerons

    Reports that new chips will overclock premature

    Business 08 11:07

  • Updated: Windows faster with Netscape – the saga continues…and continues

    Reader has bright idea while other reader points to different shell. And NT could benefit too...

    Business 08 11:34

  • Traders blame euro difficulties on computer problems

    US currency dealers left with unwanted euros

    Business 08 11:35

  • Microsoft touts PnP system for PCs and appliances

    But this one doesn't look like the big push into the appliance market

    Business 08 11:39

  • Avnet to buy division of JBA Holdings London

    And more acquisitions en route

    Business 08 12:09

  • Tosh to make smallest DRAM in the world

    Big Blue, Siemens and Toshiba in three cornered deal

    Business 08 12:35

  • Ideal offers idiot-proof server range

    Web servers aimed at SMEs claim ease-of-use advantage

    Business 08 12:36

  • IBM sells ThinkPad assembly to Solectron

    Agreement includes fulfilment, product launches and more...

    Business 08 13:00

  • Windows 95 will never be fully Y2K-compliant – official

    Ooh, the things they say! So upgrade to 98 now, you tight bastards...

    Business 08 13:27

  • Trojan horse hacks AOL passwords

    Net users warned to be on the look out for rogue spam

    Business 08 13:39

  • Visioneer sells off scanner business

    Business as usual despite change of ownership

    Business 08 13:47

  • OEM sales report shows how MS squeezed Netscape out

    And Bill wanted everybody to laugh at "100 per cent pure Java"

    Business 08 14:58

  • Cable goes down under

    Network awaits Olympic test

    Business 08 16:06

  • Rogue traders blight Web

    Online stock sites need to clean up act

    Business 08 16:09

  • Wotcha! John, got a new Web site?

    Stars speak out on Net-based soapbox, maybe

    Business 08 16:13

  • Lycos launches innovative banner ad scheme

    Not having a Web site is no bar to ecommerce it seems

    Business 08 16:18

  • US government could put spanner in DRAM works

    Questions linger over whether IMF money affects LG-Hyundai deal

    Business 08 16:21

  • Pentium III to be called Katmai

    Well, why not?

    Business 08 16:48

  • Cunning AMD-Compaq plan takes shape

    Will Compaq change from sockets to slots, or what?

    Business 08 16:50

  • Compaq boots 64-bit NT on AlphaServer

    Eckhard -- he don't like Intel, does he?

    Business 08 17:07

  • When all the D/UX are thirty-two bit, we'll have the new name

    The dog will be sent into the pond

    Business 08 17:10

  • Changes happen at Northamber. Chocolate partly to blame

    Cadbury recommendations kick in...

    Business 08 17:42

  • Microsoft in talks to get shot of MSN

    AT&T's enthusiasm has cooled, so it seems

    Business 08 18:28

  • Clinton parasites havana great time as trial creates Net spin off


    Bootnotes 08 18:31

  • Diamond unveils Liquid Audio support for Rio

    MP3 player to support second most popular downloadable digital music format

    Business 08 19:44