7th January 1999 Archive

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  • Thanks for the memory, Apple…


    Business 07 Jan 08:19

  • Updated: LG Semicon falls to Hyundai

    Impasse over but row over money begins

    Business 07 Jan 08:42

  • Windows runs faster using Netscape shell

    Caution! Do so at your own risk and don't trash your main machine

    Business 07 Jan 11:49

  • Judge queries Netscape-AOL deal again

    But seems to have changed his mind about it affecting the case

    Business 07 Jan 11:59

  • Gates tapes: latest transcript

    In the latest edition, Bill is queried about exclusionary deals with Intuit

    Business 07 Jan 12:01

  • MS Attorney and Harris stage scrappy fight

    A messy business, but probably Harris on points

    Business 07 Jan 12:04

  • Microsoft intimidatory tactics attract attention

    Witness Harris has a word or six with an old MS contact

    Business 07 Jan 12:05

  • Battle of Unix servers ratches up

    Big Blue claims lead as Alpha SPEC results emerge

    Business 07 Jan 12:27

  • Updated: Jobs slashed at Info'Products

    New owner, Compel, clears the decks in wake of takeover

    Business 07 Jan 12:27

  • HP appoints German distie for cheap printers

    Medion gets sole franchise

    Business 07 Jan 13:11

  • Datrontech shares shoot up over Yule

    Before Christmas they were 18 pence -- today they're 29 pence

    Business 07 Jan 15:34

  • Intel goes chip crazy

    It wasn't on the roadmap, Mother Shipton checked this morning

    Business 07 Jan 15:47

  • Avnet hot to acquire in Australia and Europe

    Meanwhile Eckhard Pfeiffer's security gets dead tight

    Business 07 Jan 16:26

  • Purple Hayes up in our brain

    Company goes belly up everywhere but Europe

    Business 07 Jan 16:34

  • Bug trouble in the Big Apple

    Streisand way too scared of Y2K problem

    Business 07 Jan 16:35

  • UK newspaper pushes virtual boat out

    Guardian throws weight behind Web

    Business 07 Jan 16:57

  • Updated: Pentium III/450 to cost less than PII/450 today

    Screaming Cindie instructions cheaper than thought

    Business 07 Jan 17:53

  • Software Stan collects more gaming souls

    Adding to its games portfolio bit by bit

    Business 07 Jan 18:06

  • SyQuest re-emerges from oblivion

    Web site running again, news of buyer due real soon new

    Business 07 Jan 19:22

  • Apple acts to expel NT from Expo

    Intergraph told to clear off and never darken MacWorld Expo's door again

    Business 07 Jan 19:24

  • Apple set to announce $1.75 billion Q1 revenue

    Earnings pegged at 70c a share

    Business 07 Jan 19:26