6th January 1999 Archive

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  • Memory man Gates doesn't understand Intuit restrictions

    In what is possibly his farewell video, Bill is well up to the mark, as usual

    Business 06 10:10

  • Happy Old Year


    Business 06 10:58

  • British retailers wasting e-commerce opportunities

    No sign of virtual high street

    Business 06 11:49

  • UK consumers still paying too much for PCs

    Don't blame us, say manufacturers

    Business 06 12:03

  • Tech site reveals SGI's new workstations

    And they seem to be pretty groovy, too...

    Business 06 12:44

  • Compaq to go product mad in three weeks

    New name for D/UX, new lamps for old, StorageWorks et al

    Business 06 13:18

  • Gates fingered as running predatory strategy

    Final prosecution witness attempts to bring it all back home

    Business 06 14:33

  • ‘Phone Bug’ could cripple UK businesses

    Only one in 10 ready for change

    Business 06 14:50

  • Shell shocked by eco break-in

    Web terrorists to face injunction

    Business 06 15:03

  • Live liposuction on the Web

    Lose those fatty deposits while millions watch agog

    Business 06 15:03

  • Games pirates get slapped wrists

    Industry says: 'Make them walk the plank'

    Business 06 15:54

  • In brief: BSG gets exclusive deal

    Bolsters links into finance houses

    Business 06 15:58

  • $50,000 pay out for lucky Net gambler

    Bandit player says thanks a slot

    Business 06 16:35

  • In brief: Name change for Micro Focus

    Acquisition brings change of identity

    Business 06 17:04

  • Software Stan confirms Office 2000 prices

    Free upgrades on offer for new Office 97 purchases

    Business 06 17:07

  • This one is definitely not worth writing Dome about


    Business 06 17:10

  • Pressure to adopt euro begins

    First of many US firms tells customers to be euro ready

    Business 06 17:30

  • Apple drops iMac pricing restrictions

    Resellers win right to charge what they like for consumer Mac

    Business 06 20:19

  • AppleStore opens throughout Europe

    Euro adopted as standard currency by Dell wannabe

    Business 06 20:21

  • Palm at fives and sevens over release schedule

    Will the successor to the Palm III be the Palm VII or the Palm V?

    Business 06 20:23

  • Latest on Compaq Europe – talks go on

    French and Germans resisting cuts

    Business 06 23:14

  • Updated: Silicon threatening planet – official

    Costs many, many gallons for one wafer

    Business 06 23:29